Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Get Creative

One of the most asked questions I get is "how do you start a blog ?" I was in the same position. What do I write for my first blog post ? What will people think of my blog ? What if I run out of ideas ? I read so many beauty, fashion and life blogs and always wanted to make a blog of my own, but you're too busy worrying what other people think. When I first started my blog I had messages telling me I was doing things wrong and how I should do it. I had never had a blog before, so I would say to myself am I really doing it wrong ? I started speaking to other bloggers through social media and everyone shares their blog with each other. That's when I started getting a lot more positive feedback on my blog. 

The BBC is in Edinburgh for the Edinburgh Festival, so I had a look online if there was any shows I could watch. There was a show called "Get Creative - What next ?" I thought this could maybe help me with ideas for my blog. 

The show was about how to be creative in different ways and letting people who think they aren't creative, that they are ! Being creative is doing anything, not just art or setting up a business. They asked the audience to put their hand up if they think are creative and people got handed a microphone and said what they do. I could have put my hand up and said I have blog, but I don't have the confidence, never mind speaking into a microphone. Then they asked everyone who thought they weren't creative to put their hands up, I still kept my hand down because there was no way I could speak in front of everyone haha. One person said he doesn't do creative things, as his only hobby is stuff like football. Then someone on the panel said well they may not see it as creative, but it is being creative because you are doing something.

They asked why are people not being creative enough and why, also is it hard to be creative? Someone in the audience said because there isn't enough creativity in Edinburgh, most people leave school and automatically go to work in finance. I don't work in finance, but as I work full time when I get invited to blog events they are mostly in London. I had one invite to a new hotel spa opening on my day of, but the event didn't finish until 9 and the last plane back to Edinburgh is about 10pm. I wouldn't have made it back to the airport and I had work the next day, so I couldn't stay the night in the hotel.

One of the panel said she has a job and writes a book. She said the thing she loves about being creative is there's no rules. When you're at work there's so many rules you need to sick to, where as when she writes books, there's no rules just your imagination. This is why I've started to love blogging, anyone can blog, it's like having your own space on the internet. One of the reasons I held of blogging was I was worried what if I didn't always have the time, or ran out of ideas to even write a blog post. There's no such thing saying how often you should blog. I've seen people have scheduled days to blog. When I read blogs I go by as long as they've blogged in the past week, then they are good enough for me.

I write about beauty, fashion and life related things, so it could be showing clothes I've bought, reviewing makeup, or anything life related that's worth sharing. Sometimes when company's see you write reviews, they'll ask you if your interested in reviewing their product.  The one thing that really gets me is I've seen bloggers with their whole Twitter newsfeed constantly tweeting company's "Can you contact me if you would be happy to provide something for review for a blog". To me seeing someone tweet every company, it looks like they just want freebies, so what are the readers of the blog going to think ? I completely see where they are coming from, if they are reviewing a product it would be nice to get some kind of recognition, but readers seeing a bloggers ask every company for something to review to me looks like you want free products. My friend always says you have to start from the bottom and make your way to the top, which I couldn't agree any more, remember Rome wasn't built in a day. Most products reviewed on my blog are paid for myself because I would rather buy something I think is nice. I wouldn't write about something I wouldn't buy myself. Don't get me wrong your favourite brands might not know of your blog, so you could always send them an email letting them know of your blog and ask if they have a bloggers list. You will meet good and bad PR company's. I once got someone asking me to review their clothes company, but I had to buy their clothes to review. When it comes to me spending my money, I'll spend it in shops I like, not people emailing me to buy their products to review. Another example I had a company offer me £10 to write about their dress going by the picture online. How can I write about a dress going by a picture? That's not being honest to my readers, so of course I refused the £10. There's more good PR than bad PR, although you will notice a lot of well known brands like to send their new release products to blogs which have been going for a long time. They have more views than smaller blogs, so better advertising for the company's.

I found when it comes to clothes photos for my blog, it it's not always easy to get someone to take your photos like you see on most fashion blogs, chances are they know a photographer. I learnt to revert to laying my clothes on the floor for photos, or if it's outfit of the day photos I'd take a selfie so you see my top, then I'll hold the camera and having it looking down to the ground and take a photo of the bottom half of my body. It's all about trying to think of ideas.

My mum wasn't keen at first on me taking photos of my dinner, she'd always say "the place might think you're complaining". Then she once came back from a holiday saying everyone was taking photos of their meals and posting it on their Facebook. Now when we go out for dinner my mum says "Are you going to take a photo ?"

 I also have a YouTube channel where I've made some videos. I love making YouTube videos as it gives you the confidence you never had. I've made vlogs when I've been on holiday, but most of the time it's hard when you work full time in a uniform. 

I hope this blog post helps whatever you do, if it's starting up a business, starting a blog or whatever you do that's creative. Thanks to the BBC and the panel for holding the amazing show.  

Just be you !!!

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