Friday, 14 August 2015

Edinburgh Festival

It's the Edinburgh Festival, so I headed for a wonder into town. If you've never heard of the Edinburgh Festival, (Edinburgh Fringe) it's thousands of shows from all over the world taking place over the month of August.Rowan Atkinson, Graham Norton, Kevin Bridges, Billy Connolly and other celebs started of at the Edinburgh Festival. My Dad took his car and parked at haymarket and we walked along.

The miniture Falkirk Kilpies are at the West End outside House of Frasers during the Festival. I thought these were cool as they've been in New York. 

I headed along George Street first because I wanted to have a look at Arron Aromatics which just opened. 

I may do a separate blog post for Arron Aromatics.

Try avoid the Playfair steps during the festival if you can. My dad wanted to have a look at the mound. The Playfair steps takes you to the Royal Mile, but it's a narrow path and hundreds of people is going on both directions you just can't move fast.

The Royal Mile is the most busiest part of the festival. A lot of people seem to think the festival is only on the Royal Mile. I only learnt last year myself it's at venues all over Edinburgh and not just in town. There's all different street performers up and down the Royal Mile, they all have set time slots booked so by the time you go back someone else will be putting on a different show. Also be prepared to be handed leaflets a lot, everyone just wants you to go to their show. I saw this American woman go up to a wee boy asking him if he wants to go to see Peter Pan. She really got into the swing of her role saying there's pirates and everyone else in a Disney style voice, it was so funny. All shows do ask for money, but you can always tell when someone's putting on a good show. At the mound at watched this guy drag out his show going on about giving £5 or £10 or £20 if you can afford it. Then he said if you don't have any money there's a bank across the road. He started of his show, only to stop after a minute and say there's people who speak different languages who may not understand so he will mime about money. About half of the audience walked away. I spotted someone putting on a show with balloons with hundreds of audience, so he knows how to get his audience.

These are some photos at the Royal Mile

I saw this Edinburgh Fringe bus on my way heading to the BBC

The BBC comes every year to the Edinburgh festival and you can book tickets to see their shows on their website. There's a beer garden for those who want to sit and chill out or you can watch The One Show since recorded outside. I love the BBC at the festival, I think it has the best atmosphere.

I took these for everyone who loves Greyfriars Bobby. I always thought the head stone at the front of the graveyard was it, but turned it its just a memorial. My Dad showed me, its on the right side of the graveyard.

I've never been to the castle when tattoo is on, so I acted like a tourist.

Hope you enjoyed my post. Have you been to the Edinburgh Festival ? 

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