Thursday, 27 August 2015

Blog Update

I got some cards and a t shirt made with my blog url on them, so I thought it would be fun to show you, since you are the readers of my blog. Every blogger knows it takes a lot of time to build up readers, it doesn't happen like magic over night. There's so many different ways to expand your blog, it's about being different and creative to make your blog stand out. You kind of have to advertise yourself on social media for people to find your blog. I thought business cards are a fun way to give someone your blog url, so they can remember it later. Also so many people wear t shirts with slogans now adays, so why not wear one with your blog url.

Now time to show you my cards and t shirt

The writing on my cards say:
Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle blogger

Social Media
Bloglovin - "Danielle Mac"
Twitter - "Danielle Types"
Facebook - "Danielle Mac"
Instagram - @danniimac

I ordered my business cards with Vista Print. I wanted them to look simple with just my blog url and social media links, nothing to fancy. Then I thought my blog url on a white card looked to plain. I came across the New York design and thought it was perfect. At first I thought people might think it's a card about New York ? But New York is the city of fashion and everything beauty, so I thought this design was perfect.

The business cards come in small boxes of 250, so I have loads if anyone wants one of my cards hahah.

My t shirt

Front : As seen on YouTube Danielle Mac 


Hope this post helps anyone looking for ideas :-)

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