Monday, 20 July 2015

Tiffany link bracelet


I was going to do a blog post to show my new Tiffany link bracelet, then I thought I cant just do that I need to paint my nails Tiffany blue colour to match. I went through all my blue nail polishes holding them to my iMac showing the Tiffany website with the Tiffany blue colour trying to match the perfect blue. I picked the Barry M Hi Shine in the colour greenberry.

The link bracelet costed $185 dollars, which is really good value for sterling silver from Tiffany & Co. It was a kind of an unplanned purchase. I only wanted to own one thing Tiffany & Co and my parents said they'd buy the earrings I wanted, which they bought me the olive leaf earrings. I knew I had $100 in a purse from when I went to New York and seen couple $10 and $20's in bags I haven't used. I then thought I have other bags and jackets I haven't used since going to America over the years. I searched all my bags and jacket pockets and managed to round up enough money to pay for my bracelet myself. So I gave my parents the money and asked them to get me the link bracelet while they were on holiday in the States. I'm not really like that shoving money in pockets and forgetting, it was more when I was out in New York I'd put around $20 in my pocket if I went for a walk at night and already done my shopping that day. It saved carrying a bag about at night. I have so many jackets I wear on holidays and don't wear a lot back home. It was a nice surprise to find enough dollars to pay for the bracelet myself.

Tiffany's sell some nice charms to go with the link bracelet, but I think I'll just wear it how it is. They have a nice camera charm which costs £2000, but it's abit out of my price range. 

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  1. That bracelet is so pretty! And loving that nail color - one of my fave colors! Mckenzie <3



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