Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Primark Summer Haul

Now that's its warmer weather I guess it's ok to do a summer haul then ? I shouldn't really buy so many summer - y clothes, as I feel like I don't get the chance to wear them a lot since I work full time and we don't have nice weather much in the Scotland. Anyway here goes these are clothes I picked up in Primark when I was in Glasgow. 

I saw these sandals in the Edinburgh Primark and put of buying them, as I didn't know if I'd get wear of them. So when I saw them again in the Glasgow Primark I knew I had to buy them. Normally when I think about something from Primark and go back it's gone. I love the design of them. If you're on a budget you could get away with wearing them to a wedding since they are flowery. I also saw a similar design in the kids section for the same exact price £6! They are a bargain for even kids shoes, never mind adult sandals at that price. 

Then I ended up picking up these tops, just because when you're in Primark you can't just buy one thing ! 

Grey strap top - £1.80
Pink and black stripe strap top - £2.50
Tan and navy top - £3.50
Black and white sleeveless top - £5

Tomorrow I'll show the things I bought in Forever 21, so there may be a little bit of hauling over the next couple days.
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