Saturday, 11 July 2015

New Camera

The starter kit to being a blogger is owning a half decent camera. Right now all my photos are taken using my canon  powershot sx260 or my iPhone 6. I've wanted to own a more professional camera for so long now, but I was saving for a deposit to put down for a house and most half decent camera are in the hundreds. Of course I could afford to go out and buy a decent camera, but priority comes first and needed save as much I could for my house. When I wanted something I'd set a target and couldn't buy that thing until I saved past a certain amount. I used to own a pc and always wanted an iMac, but I forced myself to use a pc which was becoming slower. As I had a computer already spending £1600 an iMac wasn't an essential, so if there was something I wanted I told myself I wasn't allowed to buy it until I saved. I bought myself a canon sx260 which costed £150 to start of my blog, but always wanted an decent camera. One of my friends used to always say to me "you need to start at the bottom to make your way to the top". I guess they are true, you need to start of somewhere. After I bought my flat the first thing I bought was my iMac, now I feel I have all the basics to becoming a better blogger.

I really wanted to up my photo quality, so thought it's time to get a better camera. I've never owned a slr camera in my life and never imagined myself spending hundreds on a camera. A lot of online people I follow on their blog or YouTube stated they used the canon 60d camera, but it seemed a lot to fork out on a camera. After nearly a year of thinking what camera to go for I've watched a lot of people on YouTube go from the canon 60d to the 70d and the quality is massive change. There's slr cameras start from as low as £200-£300, but I didn't want to spend a couple hundred on cheaper slr camera and want a better camera a few months down the line. I decided on the canon 70d with 18 - 55 is stm lens kit, which I bought from Tesco for £680.

I'll need to have a play around with it before I can start taking blog photos, since I'm new to this slr thing. If anyone knows any good lens I should invest on do let me know. 
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  1. These cameras are pretty expensive but you definitely get what you pay for :D

    Alice x

    1. Exactly what I thought to why I choose that one.

  2. So beautiful!!! Love cameras :)


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