Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Matalan Home Haul

I was at Staiton retail park in Edinburgh with my parents and my mum said she wanted to try her Matalan card as there's a Matalan there. My mum has a family/friend one because my brothers wife works in Matalan and got the gold one which is 30% off. I've never shopped at Matalan, so had a look at their home section. They had so many nice things with letters, but they but must had every letter on everything except a "D". 

I did manage to find one thing with a "D" on it, this cushion. However I do think I'm getting too many cushion now since I have the New York ones, but I couldn't resist this one.

I also liked the & sign so had to buy it as it seemed so cheap at £4 and I'm still trying to find things to add to my home to make it look homely. I think it looks so modern and in contrast with the white shelf. I have most basic things for my house now, so it's more things to add to it and thought this looks perfect to fill the shelf in my sitting room.

I would have bought more things, but all the mugs, glasses and everything didn't have my initial, so that's all I got. The letter cushion was £8 and the & sign was £8, so with staff discount I got them both for £8.40 with 30% off. 

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  1. I need the letter E cushion! I wonder if my local matalan will have one in stock?! You have a new reader! :) xx


    1. I'm sure there was loads of "E"'s I guess depending on the store to how popular the letter is, who wants their letter kind of thing.


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