Friday, 24 July 2015

Mary-Kate and Ashley Makeup

I'm having a blast from the past today. There's so many new Elizabeth and James (Mary-Kate and Ashley) beauty products coming out right now, which is exclusive to Sephora in America. It reminds me of the days when the Mary-Kate and Ashley brand makeup was only in America and I went crazy buying loads of it. When I was over in LA. I bought a few of each perfumes, body mists, etc. I filled my suitcase with shopping and loads of Mary-Kate and Ashley makeup, the security at the airport actually told me my suitcase was over weight. I panicked chucked stuff into my hand luggage bag not thinking about the liquids and got to the security scanner and the security woman said "mam that's a lot of liquids you have you'll need to check it in" haha. I had to run back and check in that bag. I know the Mary-Kate and Ashley perfume became available in the UK, but I'm not sure about the other stuff. There is stuff I hadn't opened, as I was scared to use it as I didn't know when I'd be back in America. I still have some of the makeup boxed away, so it made me want to dig it out. 

I was so excited when the Mary-Kate and Ashley Coast to coast LA and New York perfumes came out. 

LA is described as 

Top notes of bergamot, bayleaves and red pepper
Middle notes of jasmine, heliotrope and almond
Base notes of patchouli and vanilla 

Soho chic New York is described as 

Top notes of lemon, mandarin and bergamot
Middle notes of rose, green tea and genmaich accord
 Base notes of musk, heliotrope and blonde wood 

I still love the smell of these and can't believe I put them away in a cupboard. I still use Mary-Kate and Ashley perfumes, though I'd like to think of it as I've moved up in the world. I now use their Elizabeth and James Nirvana . 

Mary-Kate and Ashley LA style perfume had notes of flowers, tuberose, gardenia and jasmine.

I used to wear the Mary-Kate and Ashley body mist every day, since I bought so many bottles of it and it was so cheap. I'm sure there was a vanilla one aswell. I loved spraying my room with it aswell.

I was so chuffed when I found the mini fruit sprays in America, as the UK had very little of the Mary-Kate and Ashley brand. I'd never heard of them, so it was a bonus to add them to my collection of Mary-Kate and Ashley things.

They came in a pack of 4 :

Apple jelly
Frosty snowflake
Sugar plum
Candied pear

I had to buy the sparkle dust as everyone loved sparkle dust back in the day. I got in the colour pure sparkle.

Now time for the makeup I'd never opened. 

The Mary-Kate and ashley illuminating mascara says wraps each lash from end to end for instant definition, full volume and an all day glossy finish. 
To think this mascara was designed in their younger days, I think Mary-Kate and Ashley created a better mascara than some mascaras I've tried in the past. I'd love to see them create a mascara for their Elizabeth and James brand. 

The Mary-Kate and Ashley lip color plus sparkling gloss says creamy lip color plus sparkling gloss. Wear alone or blend.

I wish I used the lip colour and sparkling gloss years ago when I got it, I love this nude brown colour. 

The Mary-Kate and Ashleh sunlit bronze illuminating collection says : 

Silky soft, light reflecting powder gives skin a soft, radiant glow

Bonus brush helps you blend to perfection

Bonus bronzing gloss can be applied to lips and eyes for glistening effect 

I've never owned a bronzer in my life can you believe apart from this, but I do love the colour. I struggled to open the bronzing gloss, I gave up.

I bought basically every Mary-Kate and Ashley makeup product I could find back in the day, but this is all I could find boxed away.

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  1. I had no idea they had a cosmetic line!! So cool

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. It's crazy that you've still got all this stuff! Wow this takes me way back haha.
    -- // x

    1. I was scared to use it as I didn't know when I could go back to America to buy more.

  3. Oh wow back in time!! I had a few eye crayons, the mascara and nail polish! I still have a nail polish! They were actually available to buy in ASDA in the UK, back when I first started working for them ish (so about 11-13 ish years?!) they also did kids clothing line that George stocked.

    1. I remember seeing the kids clothing in Asda.

  4. I never knew any of this existed! I wish I lived in America sometimes, they have so many more things that we do over here in the UK. But its not all bad with our Selfridges and Harrods lol! Great nostalgic post though, love remembering beauty things that I loved when I was younger.


    1. Yea we don't get a lot of their stuff, I'm struggling to get their Elizabeth and James beauty things.

  5. Whoa this is so old school! I never even knew they had their own make-up products!


  6. This entire blog post is all sorts of amazing! I remember using their products!Their makeup actually stayed on the market until 2005/2006, which wasn't that long ago, but maybe I'm just old. Lol.


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