Thursday, 2 July 2015

Forever 21 Summer Haul

I'm still pretty crappy at putting an outfit together. I remember when the herem joggers were in fashion, I didn't know what herem was but saw nice ones one a website so I ordered a couple pairs online. When they came, I didn't realise they were so high waisted. I txt my friend saying help how do I wear herem joggers ? lol. She txt back saying she just rolls them over. Forever 21 had similar high waisted leggings, but I didn't know what to pair them with so left them. When I was leaving the Forever 21 on the ground floor there was the grey three quarter length tops hanging beside green high waisted leggings. I thought they'd go perfect, but I don't like green and didn't want to go back up to the top floor again where all the high waisted coloured leggings are. Ever since I've regretted not getting them and all the nice colours are sold out online right now. 

So here are the stuff I did end up picking up :

I thought the red and white polka dot head bank was cute, not sure I'll find a reason to wear it. I just had to buy it as it was only £3.90
Peach and white polka dot headband -£3.15
Navy and white polka dot headband £3
I'm having to start my earring collection all over again because my mum hoovered up my earrings a few years ago and I've struggled to find nice ones. I love these star and heart ones. They are like the basic ones you get when you get your ears pierced. - £3
Owl earrings - £3
I had no clue what Nueva York meant, but made me think of New York, so it had to come home with me. I've googled and it shows New York. A few websites is another language, possibly French ? - £7  
Three quarter length grey top - £5
Grey Skirt - £3
I saw these patterned leggings in the sale section and was only £4.99

I will need to pick up the high waisted leggings next time I go to Glasgow, as that's my nearest Forever 21. 

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  1. Nice purchases! Really love the headbands!

    Renee | Lose The Road

  2. I love shopping at Forever 21 too, they have such comfy clothes

    Nashia | MakeupandBeautyMayhem


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