Wednesday, 29 July 2015


If you follow me on bloglovin you'll have probably realised all my blog posts are gone. You can still see them here on my blog though. That's because this is my first blog and I was clueless where to begin. I'd write posts and look back not happy how they looked. It wasn't really written posts, I was scared what to write in a blog, worried what people would think. It was more "this is my lipstick I got". Sometimes I was lazy and type on the blogger app and it would randomly change the font. I'd check it over in the preview, then publish from the app and it would still changed the font, so I'd go back and edit parts. I had no clue bloglovin is a copy of what you originally post. Even though I changed it bloglovin still showed the original post. 

This year am a lot more happier with my blog posts. I take more time to think what am writing about, but I've never been happy with how I first started blogging. 

I contacted bloglovin asking if they update certain posts, they asked if wanted to clear my feed. I thought that would be the best, a fresh start on bloglovin. You can still view all my posts here on my blog though. 

Thank you to the 1072 people who follow me on bloglovin and read my posts. If you aren't following, you can follow my bloglovin over in the link section. If you don't know what bloglovin is, it's just a different way to read blogs in one place so you're not missing out if you don't have a bloglovin.

If you want me to check your blog, feel free to comment below :-)

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