Thursday, 16 July 2015

Back To Basics

I was at my cousins today and spotted this Paddington clock on their hut in the back garden. It reminded me of a train station from long ago that you see in films. It looked a perfect location for some photos, even though I was wearing a Nueva York top which means New York. I guess they are both busy cities. 

My cousin Madison was busy watching Zoella, but I managed to convince her to help me take photos. I've been told Madison has a YouTube and would credit her by linking her Chanel, but she won't tell me her YouTube. 

It was warm, but not sunny weather so I choose simple outfit. I wore a basic grey top with the wording "Nueva York" and navy leggings both from Forever 21. I seem to love grey right now. I keep forgetting to wearing my tiffany bracelet and earrings, which is annoying, but hey ho. I paired it with my Toms silver glitter shoes. 

Check the times in the photos, yes it really does take a while to get photos you are happy with.

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