Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Wetherspoons Chicken Club | Buffalo Wings

Wednesday's is for chicken at Wetherspoons. It's been so hot lately so it makes you on the mood for bbq style things, so I went for the buffalo wings. The meal club is priced at £6.15, but they asked for £5.99. We repeated its the club meal at £6.15 and the guy said that's right. Thankfully it was the right thing I got, so it was 16p cheaper than advertised. 

The buffalo wings come with chips, hot sauce and blue cheese sauce. The buffalo wings are nice on their own. I tried the hot sauce dip, but I found after 2-3 wings it can be quite spicey. I used the cheese sauce for dipping my chips. 

It's good value for £5.99 or £6.15 which ever price you get charged ha

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