Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Review | Wetherspoon BBQ pulled pork and rocket wrap

I walked in the door of Wetherspoon (White Lady) yesterday and saw an advert for wrap and chips with drink for £3.39 which I'd never noticed before. I looked at the main menu and they were priced at £5.89, but the deals menu said £3.39 all day everyday. I was kind of confused since they sometimes do offers ending at 5pm etc. Some company's say all day, but it's not actually all day so I went up and ask and he said it was any of the wraps from the any menu. I went for the BBQ pulled pork and rocket. I was expecting for that price a small portion. 

The chips alone tasted a lot fresher than when I've had meals at Wetherspoon before, in fact they were burning hot lol. The BBQ pulled pork wrap tasted so nice aswell, though my mum did he half of it. 

This is totally worth if you're near a Wetherspoon and looking for a cheap meal. The irn bru alone the charge £1.39, so it's like paying £2 for the meal.

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  1. Looks super yummy! next time I am in the city I will have to pop to Weatherspoons.

  2. I live round the corner from a Wetherspoons and have never tried this wrap, may have to buy myself one and try it out! I love wetherspoons chips, i think they're soooo good! Pulled pork is like my favourite so this wrap sounds right up my street! :)

    Courtney | http://courtzmelv.com


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