Saturday, 6 June 2015

Review | Frankie and Benny's New Yorker hot baked wrap

I used to always go to Frankie and Benny's when they first opened in Edinburgh, but I think it's because it's the same pasta, pizza, burgers, wraps. I used to love having the groats cheese and red onion wrap and then got sick of Frankie and Benny's, so I hadn't been in a couple years. I met my friend at Frankie and Benny's at the Gyle for lunch. She said it would be a lot easier, as she didn't want to get on a bus with her baby and it's free parking at the Gyle centre. I said well that would be perfect since I seem to be keep getting emailed £10 off, when you buy 2 main meals.

I love the design of the menus showing the New York skyline. I never got a chance to take a photo of the actual menu since I forgot it's one of those places that whip the away once you've choosing your meal, but that's a similar picture on the "special's menu"

A lot of the menu seemed to involve the word "New Yorker", so I had to go for the Frankie and Benny's New Yorker wrap, which the menu says is a floured tortilla loaded with crispy chicken, red onion, cheese and crispy iceberg lettuce, with bbq and Jalapeño cheese sauces, served with a pot of coleslaw. Served with fries. It was nice, but abit spicey which would be the jalapeño cheese. 

I can't even remember what Sheona said she ordered, but I remember we semed to have the same cheese sauce, as it was running everywhere ha. 

I think she was more happy wee Brodie slept right through, so she could eat her lunch.

Once we finished we showed the £10 off coupon on my phone, but we were told it should be printed off and they'd only accept it this time. 

I seem to get emailed the £10 off coupon 1-2 times a month, so if you can get a £10 off coupon it's the best time to go to Frankie and Benny's. 
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