Friday, 12 June 2015

Outfit of the day | Glasgow

Stripey top | Forever 21
Leggings Forever 21
Sandals | Primark
Camera bag | Accessorize
Sun glasses | Ray Bans 

Nivea daily essentials primer 
Foundation | makeup forever face and body
Mascara | Barry m lash Vegas 
Mac red lipstick

And lots of sun cream on my arms 

I went to Glasgow and it was another hot day (We Scottish people aren't used to this). I thought I'd make use of this week of work and do a few outfit of the day posts, since after work I don't really change into anything fun stylish. I ended up getting sun burn, so decided not to ask my auntie to take a few pics of me in the outfit, as I planned for a blog post. 

If you want to see how bad I look 

. . . 

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  1. Ouch, sunburns are the worst! But you still look beautiful! I love the top, stripes are my fave! XO -Kim

    1. Oh I know you don't feel it till later, thank you x

  2. The camera bag is so cute! Love this outfit that you've put together :)


  3. Love your sunglasses, i'm trying to find the perfect pair as it seems were having unnaturally warm weather in Scotland at the moment lol

    Tasha xxx


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