Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Review | Ed's Easy Diner Edinburgh

I planned to try Ed's Easy Diner next time I went to Glasgow, as I've seen bloggers talk about it and there's one in Glasgow. I was looking on the website and there's an Ed's Easy Diner in Edinburgh my city at the Fort, which I didn't know about! I didn't know there was one in Edinburgh. I used to go to the Fort when I had my car, but since I don't have a car I don't go to the Fort as much. Father's Day was coming up, so I thought I could take my dad there. I txt my Dad on Sunday asking if he wanted to go to Ed's Easy Diner, no reply and he ended up going to the highland show so I assumed he wasn't going. Then on Monday I said to my dad thanks for replying to my txt. He goes what txt. He said he didn't see it, so obvious has some crappy phone. He had to go into txt to see he had a txt, so he finally agreed to go. 

They've rebuilt one side of the fort with different food places last October - November and the website says it opened October last year, so I thought it was on the new built side. When my Dad drive there I couldn't see it, but it's ok the other side of the Fort by the road.

I told my dad to pose with the woman statue lol
I said he needs to smile more, then a staff member ran in lol and his smile got worse each photo I took after take, so I gave up.
We were seated next to one of the jukeboxes which would be great if they worked, but had out of order sign. 

Then came blogging problems. There neon lights going round the outside of the room, everytime I tried to take a photo of the menu I was left was lines going across the menu. I sat for ages trying to get the perfect shot. My dad took the menu and goes do you want it and the staff member said I'll leave it, as she's taking a photo. I kind of wish we were seated in the middle of the room so I could have got a better photo of the menu.

I ordered the vanilla milkshake, as my friend Sheona told me to try one of the milkshakes. I didn't want to go for anything to major flavour, so thought I'd stick with a flavour I like vanilla. They are quite pricey at £4.35, (it says on the menu 2 glasses per serving) though I did get 3 size of the glassss in the photo out of it. The vanilla milkshake really is the best. The bottom of the container was still ice cream, if you prefer ice cream.

I picked the cujan vegetable burger for the main meal and my Dad went for the classic. I don't think the menu isn't the clearest. When I looked at it online took me abit to realise Ed's plate is the meal and solo is the burger on its own. My dad agreed the meal what I was having, then said he was leaving the chips. I was like "hey dad I'm paying like an extra £4 for them" haha.

I found the cujan burger quite spicey, so next time I may go for the chickpea & quinoa or one of the pastas. I think the chips are quite basic, but the onion rings are so different from other places I've tried and tasty. The place is styled around 1950's and American, so if you like that you'll love Ed's Easy Diner.

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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Review | Wetherspoon BBQ pulled pork and rocket wrap

I walked in the door of Wetherspoon (White Lady) yesterday and saw an advert for wrap and chips with drink for £3.39 which I'd never noticed before. I looked at the main menu and they were priced at £5.89, but the deals menu said £3.39 all day everyday. I was kind of confused since they sometimes do offers ending at 5pm etc. Some company's say all day, but it's not actually all day so I went up and ask and he said it was any of the wraps from the any menu. I went for the BBQ pulled pork and rocket. I was expecting for that price a small portion. 

The chips alone tasted a lot fresher than when I've had meals at Wetherspoon before, in fact they were burning hot lol. The BBQ pulled pork wrap tasted so nice aswell, though my mum did he half of it. 

This is totally worth if you're near a Wetherspoon and looking for a cheap meal. The irn bru alone the charge £1.39, so it's like paying £2 for the meal.

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Saturday, 20 June 2015

Review | New York Color Best Of Broadway Quad Eye Shadows

I was sent the best of Broadway quad eye shadows by New York colour to review, from Product Testing UK. I love New York Color, so it's nice to be sent I brand a love. They asked what sort of brands I'd want to review, but I hate naming so I just said I like to try popular selling brands and new things out. 

The eye shadows is a nice compact size to fit in your hand bag for going out. Also I think the plastic tub it's in is strong, as it survived coming through my letter box and landing on the floor of you ever dropped it out and about. I love how it has NYC on the top, makes me think New York City. 

It has 4 neutral shades and a small applicator with the NYC brand on it. When I tried doing swatches on my hand I found they weren't showing very well, so had to go over it twice on each colour.
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Friday, 19 June 2015

H & M | Baby Blue Summer Dress

I went into H & M in Glasgow and the first thing I spotted was the baby blue colour dress. I walked round the rest of the store and had to go back and pick it up. I find it hard finding dresses I like, but this one looks stylish, yet casual. I thought it would go well with summery sandals or you could wear it to a party and make it dressy with some heels and accessories. The quality of the dress has a thick material, so it's not one of those dresses going to fall apart in the wash. I had in my mind it would be about £20, so when I looked at the label and saw it was £7.99 I had to buy it. There was yellow and I'm sure other colours. They all looked nice though I didn't want to get carried away buying all the colours, so went for the baby blue colour. 

I think this dress will sell fast with the summer we are having just now (in the UK anyway). I would show photos of me wearing it, but I struggle to get a photographer (someone to take photos of me), so I'll have to live do with photos of the dress on the hanger.

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Thursday, 18 June 2015

FREE Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara

About a week ago I got a notification from Twitter on my phone that Ellis who runs blog mentioned me in a tweet. I swiped my phoned to check what it was and beauty at Tesco had a partner event with Max Factor and Olay offering a free mascara or face cream. I think it's part of their be inspired event. I don't believe you get anything for free, so I headed over to the beauty at Tesco Twitter and sure enough they were advertising Max Factor or Olay product by sending an invite gift to someone on Twitter.  

The picture does advertise lipstick, foundation, mascara and Olay cream, but when you click the link it only offered mascara or face cream, so I choose the mascara. It was free though so can't complain.  

Thank you to Ellis for thinking of me, I can't wait to try this mascara.

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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Wetherspoons Chicken Club | Buffalo Wings

Wednesday's is for chicken at Wetherspoons. It's been so hot lately so it makes you on the mood for bbq style things, so I went for the buffalo wings. The meal club is priced at £6.15, but they asked for £5.99. We repeated its the club meal at £6.15 and the guy said that's right. Thankfully it was the right thing I got, so it was 16p cheaper than advertised. 

The buffalo wings come with chips, hot sauce and blue cheese sauce. The buffalo wings are nice on their own. I tried the hot sauce dip, but I found after 2-3 wings it can be quite spicey. I used the cheese sauce for dipping my chips. 

It's good value for £5.99 or £6.15 which ever price you get charged ha

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Saturday, 13 June 2015

Review | Bill's Glasgow

I've seen a few bloggers mention Bill's on their blog, so while I was in Glasgow I went and had dinner there. I found looking at the map on their website confusing, but it's just off Buchanan street. I found looking at the menu it looked a lot as the menu is big, but they have all the starters, main menu and desert on the same page. I wouldn't say there's a lot of choice of your vegetarian, but if you love burgers and chips you'll love Bill's. 

I went for the halloumi and humus
Sesame seed burger with grilled halloumi, hummus, baby gem, roasted peppers, sweet chilli sauce and yogurt, served with skin on fries. 

I didn't know what to think of halloumi, I'd never ate it before. I ate it, but it was one of those things I wasn't sure if i liked it or not, though it was different. The fries came in a fancy cup and they are the best fries I've tasted in a restaurant before. 

Have you been to a Bill's before ? What should I try if I went back ? I love the fries, more restaurants needs to do fries like Bill's. 
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Friday, 12 June 2015

Outfit of the day | Glasgow

Stripey top | Forever 21
Leggings Forever 21
Sandals | Primark
Camera bag | Accessorize
Sun glasses | Ray Bans 

Nivea daily essentials primer 
Foundation | makeup forever face and body
Mascara | Barry m lash Vegas 
Mac red lipstick

And lots of sun cream on my arms 

I went to Glasgow and it was another hot day (We Scottish people aren't used to this). I thought I'd make use of this week of work and do a few outfit of the day posts, since after work I don't really change into anything fun stylish. I ended up getting sun burn, so decided not to ask my auntie to take a few pics of me in the outfit, as I planned for a blog post. 

If you want to see how bad I look 

. . . 

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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Outfit of the day | Summer Sun

Summer has finally came to Scotland and for a change the sun is out, while am off work. I had to make use of the sun and do an outfit of the day photos outside. 

Grey top | Primark 
Cross necklace | Forever 21 
Bracelet | Tiffany & Co
Red leggings | Forever 21
Trainers | old ones I can't remember where I bought them. 
I should be wearing sandals in the hot weather, but think I'm too used to chucking on trainers on. 

Dr Jackson face and eye essence 
Makeup forever face and body foundation
Barry M lash Vegas mascara
Mac Milan mode lipstick

Hope it's sunny wherever you are ! 

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