Friday, 8 May 2015

Wetherspoon | Caramel Iced Coffee

Wetherspoon started doing caramel and vanilla iced coffees this week and really wanted to try one, so I went yesterday and choose the caramel. Strangely I'm not a fan of coffee, but I loved the new iced coffee. It tasted like a hint of caramel flavour with cream and caramel sauce on top. 

They are only £1.49, which is quite cheap compared to iced coffees else where I've been. 

Then my mum wanted the strawberry and blueberry sundae. If you buy a club meal you get a dessert for £2.25. She said she'd buy me a curry and she'll get her strawberry and blueberry sundae for £2.25. The curry club meal is £5.65 with a soft drink, so I went for sweet potato, chickpea and spinach curry with an irn bru. We worked out the total was £7.90 for the meal and dessert. Then my dad wanted a beer. The total came to £11 exact. When I walked away from the bar I said to my dad your beer must have been £3.10. He goes no £2.10. I said well the meal and dessert is £7.90. I said I'll go up and ask, but my dad went mad saying no he doesn't want to make a scene. 

A while later my dad asked my mum for £2.10 and she gave him the exact amount and he came back with the exact same beer as before.

It sounds like the curry offer or dessert deal didn't come off or the beer was put through wrong. So if you're getting a club meal at Wetherspoon with other drinks I would add up the total before going to the bar, as meal at £5.65, plus dessert at £2.25 and beer £2.10 should have been £10 exact. 

Update : I wondered why I had samosa and bhaji and hadn't had that when I've ordered the korma.  Someone mentioned it's the large curry they've put through, even though I asked for the £5.65 normal one. Now I notice on the menu on the left it says you can get a large curry for an extra £1. I wouldn't have minded, but I don't even like samosa and bhajai, so I left it to the side. So watch incase they charge you for a large if you don't want a large.

 Sweet potato, chickpea and spinach curry

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  1. Think the reason you got charged an extra £1 was because you had a large curry judging from the bhaji and samosa in the picture.

    1. I did wonder why I had the bhaji and samosa on my plate, as I've never had them on my plate before when ordering a curry. The funny laugh I don't like them so didn't eat them. The staff member was taking a while saying sorry it's his first day. So seems like he's hit a large ?


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