Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Review | Neal's Yard Remedies Hand Cream

I was looking at the magazines in Tesco and saw Neal's Yard hand cream free in the Marie Claire magazine. I'd never heard of Neal's Yard before so googled it on my phone and it's £10 for the same size hand cream (50ml) at Neal's Yard shop and John Lewis. The Marie Claire magazine is only £2.50 this month, so your getting to try the hand cream for quarter the price if you buy Marie Claire.

There was 3 different hand creams to choose from wild rose, garden mint and bergamot or geraniums and orange. I thought orange sounded the nicest so went for that. 

The hand cream was quick thick texture when I squeezed abit onto my hand. I wash my hands with simple soap which has no smell, so I was amazed after hours of first using the hand cream and washing my hands you could still smell the orange smell. 

I think it's a quite pricey hand cream if you paid £10 for it, but a lot of hand cream and soaps which promise and nice smell is gone within half an hour, where Neal's yard hand cream still smell nice hours later. 

Have you tried Neal's Yard hand cream before ? If not pick up this months (June issue) Marie Claire and getting a free full sized one. There's also a 20% off Neal Yard remedies coupon on page 83.

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  1. I am so lazy - haven't been using a hand cream at all but need it as it's Winter or almost Winter here


  2. ohh definitely going to pick one up tomorrow, It sounds great! I go through hand creams like oxygen haha :)

  3. I love it! I picked up Wild Rose and it smells a-mazing as you mentioned the smell stays around for ages. I find the texture quite greasy though but I like NY as a brand, all natural and lovely ingredients. x


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