Saturday, 2 May 2015

Primark Haul

I refused to shop in Primark up until 2 years ago. I always saw it like a jumble sale, yet everyone seemed to go on about buying their stuff their. I once went in and tried on the jeans (am a size 8) the only size that would fit me was a size 14. I thought no way was a buying a size 14. One of my cousins always says she buys from Primark, so I asked how she finds Primark, but she said she only buys the tops and such. After that I decided to give it a good look around and realised Primark have nice tops if you have the time to look around. The funny thing I find about Primark things are so cheap, so I pick up stuff not adding up the total, yet Everytime I've been in Primark since I started going I've ways spent around £30. This time was £29.50.

I read No Photos Please and thought this was a nighty and really liked it, but on my receipt it says it's a dress. To me it looks more a nighty shape than a dress. Only when I took it out the bag when I got home I noticed there's slits at either side which go quite up, so even if you wore it as a nighty you might flash haha. I think now it's ment to be a long top and wear it with leggings ? - £6

When I saw this top saying #Like #Share #Follow , I had to buy it. When your a blogger / youtuber it helps a lot when people like, share, follow whatever the social media is. I haven't made a video in ages, but my friends always laugh at me when I've said in videos give it a thumbs up and subscribe lol. - £4

I saw a top with the same slogan "You can't sit with us" in River Island which was about £18. It was one of those ones I said I'd think about it and go back. When I went back I couldn't find it, so must have sold out. So when I saw this similar one in Primark for £6 a third of the price I had to buy it.

You can never go your with plain tops, so  a lot of my tops are black, so went for grey. - £4

I used to buy expensive dresses and only wear them once. The £5 Primark dresses are perfect fitting to size on all the dresses I've bought. I bought the white skater dress last year and thought it suited me. They have brought the skater dresses back and in a black colour. 

This is the white version of the skater dress I bought last year.

I don't really like posting underwear, but last year I saw a few bloggers and youtubers mention bandeau. I searched everywhere and couldn't find anything. Even Victoria's Secret where one youtuber said she got hers and didn't see any bandeau's. Then I saw white one in the Hollister sale at Christmas, so paid £8 for a Hollister bandeau. Now Primark have them in different colours. I saw black, white, pink, green and peach. Either I couldn't find any in shops or they are becoming more popular in shops. - £1.50

The last thing I picked up was this head band, just because I love the design on it. - £1.50

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  1. I love having a snoop around primark, can often find a hidden gem. Great post x

  2. I really like the dress you got!! And the t-shirts are so cool

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  3. Great haul! Love the mean girls shirt haha!

    Renee | Lose The Road


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