Sunday, 24 May 2015

Make Up For Ever

I've wanted to try Make Up For Ever for so long, ever since I read online Mary-Kate and Ashley sharing their top 10 beauty products. Make Up Forever Face and body foundation and Aqua lip liner was mentioned. I was so excited when Debenhams announced lasted month they are going to be selling Make Up For Ever from Tuesday the 19th of May. I woke up early that day to buy it, but it was still showing the count down so I had to wait until after work. It's really easy to search everything. When you search "Make Up Forever" it shows everything available. You can also click different categories, face, lips, eyes etc to make finding your product easier. I managed to find the face and body foundation, but I couldn't find the Aqua lip pencil.

This was the lip pencil I wanted : 


Debenhams are offering 10% off just now when you buy 2 beauty products and I spotted a different lip product called (make up forever Aqua Lip 1.2g) sounding like the same description to what I want but looks different, so I thought I'll try that and I'll get my parents to buy the Aqua lip pencil in Sephora when they go to America. 

This is the product on Debenhams website. Send me to get my eyes tested if the products look the same to you haha.  The picture looks like a liquid lipstick ? It says Aqua Rouge on the lip product.

My Make Up Forever parcel from Debenhams came yesterday and I was in shock when I opened it. It was the lip pincer I originally wanted, so Debenhams must have the wrong picture displayed. I'm happy though it was a risk that paid of, as that's what I wanted. 

I can't wait to try these products out. I'll let you know what I think of them.

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Friday, 8 May 2015

Wetherspoon | Caramel Iced Coffee

Wetherspoon started doing caramel and vanilla iced coffees this week and really wanted to try one, so I went yesterday and choose the caramel. Strangely I'm not a fan of coffee, but I loved the new iced coffee. It tasted like a hint of caramel flavour with cream and caramel sauce on top. 

They are only £1.49, which is quite cheap compared to iced coffees else where I've been. 

Then my mum wanted the strawberry and blueberry sundae. If you buy a club meal you get a dessert for £2.25. She said she'd buy me a curry and she'll get her strawberry and blueberry sundae for £2.25. The curry club meal is £5.65 with a soft drink, so I went for sweet potato, chickpea and spinach curry with an irn bru. We worked out the total was £7.90 for the meal and dessert. Then my dad wanted a beer. The total came to £11 exact. When I walked away from the bar I said to my dad your beer must have been £3.10. He goes no £2.10. I said well the meal and dessert is £7.90. I said I'll go up and ask, but my dad went mad saying no he doesn't want to make a scene. 

A while later my dad asked my mum for £2.10 and she gave him the exact amount and he came back with the exact same beer as before.

It sounds like the curry offer or dessert deal didn't come off or the beer was put through wrong. So if you're getting a club meal at Wetherspoon with other drinks I would add up the total before going to the bar, as meal at £5.65, plus dessert at £2.25 and beer £2.10 should have been £10 exact. 

Update : I wondered why I had samosa and bhaji and hadn't had that when I've ordered the korma.  Someone mentioned it's the large curry they've put through, even though I asked for the £5.65 normal one. Now I notice on the menu on the left it says you can get a large curry for an extra £1. I wouldn't have minded, but I don't even like samosa and bhajai, so I left it to the side. So watch incase they charge you for a large if you don't want a large.

 Sweet potato, chickpea and spinach curry

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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Review | Neal's Yard Remedies Hand Cream

I was looking at the magazines in Tesco and saw Neal's Yard hand cream free in the Marie Claire magazine. I'd never heard of Neal's Yard before so googled it on my phone and it's £10 for the same size hand cream (50ml) at Neal's Yard shop and John Lewis. The Marie Claire magazine is only £2.50 this month, so your getting to try the hand cream for quarter the price if you buy Marie Claire.

There was 3 different hand creams to choose from wild rose, garden mint and bergamot or geraniums and orange. I thought orange sounded the nicest so went for that. 

The hand cream was quick thick texture when I squeezed abit onto my hand. I wash my hands with simple soap which has no smell, so I was amazed after hours of first using the hand cream and washing my hands you could still smell the orange smell. 

I think it's a quite pricey hand cream if you paid £10 for it, but a lot of hand cream and soaps which promise and nice smell is gone within half an hour, where Neal's yard hand cream still smell nice hours later. 

Have you tried Neal's Yard hand cream before ? If not pick up this months (June issue) Marie Claire and getting a free full sized one. There's also a 20% off Neal Yard remedies coupon on page 83.

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Saturday, 2 May 2015

Primark Haul

I refused to shop in Primark up until 2 years ago. I always saw it like a jumble sale, yet everyone seemed to go on about buying their stuff their. I once went in and tried on the jeans (am a size 8) the only size that would fit me was a size 14. I thought no way was a buying a size 14. One of my cousins always says she buys from Primark, so I asked how she finds Primark, but she said she only buys the tops and such. After that I decided to give it a good look around and realised Primark have nice tops if you have the time to look around. The funny thing I find about Primark things are so cheap, so I pick up stuff not adding up the total, yet Everytime I've been in Primark since I started going I've ways spent around £30. This time was £29.50.

I read No Photos Please and thought this was a nighty and really liked it, but on my receipt it says it's a dress. To me it looks more a nighty shape than a dress. Only when I took it out the bag when I got home I noticed there's slits at either side which go quite up, so even if you wore it as a nighty you might flash haha. I think now it's ment to be a long top and wear it with leggings ? - £6

When I saw this top saying #Like #Share #Follow , I had to buy it. When your a blogger / youtuber it helps a lot when people like, share, follow whatever the social media is. I haven't made a video in ages, but my friends always laugh at me when I've said in videos give it a thumbs up and subscribe lol. - £4

I saw a top with the same slogan "You can't sit with us" in River Island which was about £18. It was one of those ones I said I'd think about it and go back. When I went back I couldn't find it, so must have sold out. So when I saw this similar one in Primark for £6 a third of the price I had to buy it.

You can never go your with plain tops, so  a lot of my tops are black, so went for grey. - £4

I used to buy expensive dresses and only wear them once. The £5 Primark dresses are perfect fitting to size on all the dresses I've bought. I bought the white skater dress last year and thought it suited me. They have brought the skater dresses back and in a black colour. 

This is the white version of the skater dress I bought last year.

I don't really like posting underwear, but last year I saw a few bloggers and youtubers mention bandeau. I searched everywhere and couldn't find anything. Even Victoria's Secret where one youtuber said she got hers and didn't see any bandeau's. Then I saw white one in the Hollister sale at Christmas, so paid £8 for a Hollister bandeau. Now Primark have them in different colours. I saw black, white, pink, green and peach. Either I couldn't find any in shops or they are becoming more popular in shops. - £1.50

The last thing I picked up was this head band, just because I love the design on it. - £1.50

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