Friday, 3 April 2015

Victoria's Secret | The Nakeds Palette

Hey everyone I thought I'd show you another of my eyeshadow palettes. When I saw the Victoria's Secret the Nakeds it made me think of the Urban Decay naked palette. The naked palette is so expensive, but I do plan on buying one day. 

The palette box itself looks highend with the gold colour and engraved lettering. It's also small and compact so easy to carry in your bag. 

There's ten shades all nude and a few glittery ones, which I love. The shades are named barely pink, copped sand, graystone, brown sable, sparkling black, warm vanilla, tawny pink, smokey lilac, sparkling brown and charcoal black. You always get a eyeshadow brush and an eyeliner. 

It costed $28 which is really good for 10 eyeshadows. The eyeliner I've bought the same one separately before for $5. 

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