Thursday, 30 April 2015

Forever 21 Haul

I love going to Forever 21 as the things are so cheap, though it's a hit or miss you either love everything or there's not much you like. My nearest is Glasgow, so I don't go very often unless I go to Glasgow for the day. I went to Glasgow last week, so made use of it and done abit of shopping in Forever 21. This time I picked up more basic stuff, tops and leggings. 

I saw these plain leggings in different colours at only £3 a pair. I always wear plain black leggings, so I thought it would I would try different colours. I picked up navy, dark grey and red. 

I struggle to find tops I like that's not just a plain dark colour, it's either not my style or not my age range. So when I saw the black and white stripey top I had to buy this. It's kind of casual / smart so I'll wear it with leggings or jeans. It was only £5. 

I basically wear leggings everyday, as they are so comfy. I've been searching for jeggings for a while, but I've never found a pair which looked my style. I wore jeggings a few years ago, until they looked old and I threw them out. When I saw these I thought they look more my style and feel so soft. The ones I was looking at in River Island were about £25, so couldn't believe they were only £10. They have back pockets aswell, so I love how they look like jeans from behind. My last pair of jeggings just had the denim look, no pockets. 

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  1. ah I wish we had F21 here x
    Much Love | <a href=">Trillu</a>

  2. That's a very nice haul!
    I like it when my Forever 21 shopping trip is a success, too. Lol.

  3. Nice Haul, I like it!
    I do a F21 Haul as well, if you want to see it's my last post on my blog!
    Love, The Minty way :)


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