Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Bringing back the blonde

I wanted to get blonde ends back in my hair, but it proved harder than before. The last time I done blonde ends in my hair, I dyed my whole hair blonde loads before dying it brown for about 6 months. The blonde must have been still there, so it gave a better blonde. I used the Loreal ombre same as I did before. After 2 boxes I still had a redish tone 

The John frieda go blonder always seemed to lighten my hair, so I thought for an experiment if it can lighten your hair just for having shampoo in your hair for a few mins, surely leaving it in your hair all day will do something ? 

I put John frieda go blonder shampoo on the bottom of my hair and brushed it through and left on all day over the last few days and washed it out each night. 

The result 


I was abit disapointed after using 2 boxes of Loreal ombre and it didn't turn out like it did last time, but it shows if you've dyed your hair blonde before and still have it in your hair even after dying it brown it helps. This time I didn't have any blonde in my hair, as I cut all the blonde out to start again. John frieda go blonder always helps lighten your hair. I can't believe how much blonder it looks, just by leaving blonde shampoo in my hair all day. 

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  1. I went ombre I few months ago and it just completely damaged my hair... Just went darker again ☺ It looks great on you



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