Thursday, 30 April 2015

Forever 21 Haul

I love going to Forever 21 as the things are so cheap, though it's a hit or miss you either love everything or there's not much you like. My nearest is Glasgow, so I don't go very often unless I go to Glasgow for the day. I went to Glasgow last week, so made use of it and done abit of shopping in Forever 21. This time I picked up more basic stuff, tops and leggings. 

I saw these plain leggings in different colours at only £3 a pair. I always wear plain black leggings, so I thought it would I would try different colours. I picked up navy, dark grey and red. 

I struggle to find tops I like that's not just a plain dark colour, it's either not my style or not my age range. So when I saw the black and white stripey top I had to buy this. It's kind of casual / smart so I'll wear it with leggings or jeans. It was only £5. 

I basically wear leggings everyday, as they are so comfy. I've been searching for jeggings for a while, but I've never found a pair which looked my style. I wore jeggings a few years ago, until they looked old and I threw them out. When I saw these I thought they look more my style and feel so soft. The ones I was looking at in River Island were about £25, so couldn't believe they were only £10. They have back pockets aswell, so I love how they look like jeans from behind. My last pair of jeggings just had the denim look, no pockets. 

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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Dads Birthday Dinner

It was my dads birthday last Tuesday, so I offered to take him to the White Lady (Wetherspoon) for steak night, but he refused. He finally agreed to go yesterday. My dad never reads menus if you tell him what your having, he goes that will do. So my mum had the Sirloin steak, me and my dad had the full rack of ribs. I always go for the full rack of ribs on steak night.

He got thumped on the back again, since he didn't go last week so I had to act like it was his birthday again lol. 

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Friday, 24 April 2015

My Birthday

Crazy to believe today's my Birthday, another year older. I went with my mum to Glasgow on the train. We headed to silverburn shopping centre, then back to the centre of Glasgow. Silverburn is abit further out, so we had to get a bus from Buchanan bus station to Silverburn. 

I had to stop by Auntie Anne's in Silverburn shopping centre, since its the only one in Scotland just now and I love the pretzels at Auntie Anne's. I haven't had one since I was last in New York. 

I found these American Birthday cake m & m's in River Island. They were £2 which I grudged for such a small packet, but it's my Birthday after all !!! 

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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Bringing back the blonde

I wanted to get blonde ends back in my hair, but it proved harder than before. The last time I done blonde ends in my hair, I dyed my whole hair blonde loads before dying it brown for about 6 months. The blonde must have been still there, so it gave a better blonde. I used the Loreal ombre same as I did before. After 2 boxes I still had a redish tone 

The John frieda go blonder always seemed to lighten my hair, so I thought for an experiment if it can lighten your hair just for having shampoo in your hair for a few mins, surely leaving it in your hair all day will do something ? 

I put John frieda go blonder shampoo on the bottom of my hair and brushed it through and left on all day over the last few days and washed it out each night. 

The result 


I was abit disapointed after using 2 boxes of Loreal ombre and it didn't turn out like it did last time, but it shows if you've dyed your hair blonde before and still have it in your hair even after dying it brown it helps. This time I didn't have any blonde in my hair, as I cut all the blonde out to start again. John frieda go blonder always helps lighten your hair. I can't believe how much blonder it looks, just by leaving blonde shampoo in my hair all day. 

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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Review | Victoria's Secret London Fragrance Mist

I had to buy the Victoria's Secret Lodon New Bond Street No. 111 perfumed mist since I'd been in that store, even though I bought it in New York. I found everything in the Victoria's Secret London store so expensive, compared to the American stores. I bought the Victoria's Secret London fragranced mist since I find it's a good way to try the perfume at a cheaper price since before buying the perfume.

It comes in a 250ml size plastic bottle. I love how the Victoria secret body mists come in plastic bottles, so if you drop them they won't smash. It's priced at $25 , but I paid $12 in the sale. 

I'm not very good at describing smells, but it says it's violet leaves, mandarin and  neroli flower. I love the smell, I would buy the perfume. 
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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Technic | One Pound Nail Polishes

Tesco have a £1 section just now and spotted nail polishes. I've never heard of technic brand before, so it's all new to me. There was two sections of technic nail polishes, pretty pastels and glitters. For £1 I was so tempted to buy every colour, but decided to only pick a few of what I thought looked nicest. I have so many glitter nail polishes, but the black glitter called "celebration" looked to nice to not buy for £1. The other two I choose was a hard choice I ended up going for the yellow "Canary" since I don't own any yellow nail polishes and picked a pink colour called "candyfloss". 

The consistency of the pretty pastel nail polish is so thin. Usually when I put nail polish on I can paint two - three nails at once. I found it starts dropping if you aren't fast to put the nail polish on and dip back in. I started to paint my second nail and nail polish started to drip. The only way I made it work was doing one nail at a time and putting the brush back into the nail polish. I also found I had to keep brushing over and very to smooth it of. It started to dry looking bumpy, so had to redo a few times brushing the over. 

The glitter one had a better consistency, am not sure if the glitter helped thicken it ? 

In terms of colour the yellow doesn't look natural. It looks like a cartoon type or Simpsons yellow, so I wouldn't wear the yellow again unless if I needed to dress as a cartoon. I love the colour of the pink, although I must have done about three coats and you can still see my nail shining through. I'm impressed with the black glitter, I love the colour and its a colour I would wear again. 

After wearing it all day half the nail polish had fallen off most of my nails. I don't think I'll use them again since they don't last, but if I ever need to dress up as the Simpsons then I'd sure use the yellow polish haha, never say never lol. 

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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Chopped my hair

I used to always dye my hair blonde, but it was a lot of work and you'd always get people saying your roots need done. Since I started doing blonde at the bottom of my hair I've loved it, only I miss the length and blonde colour I had when I first done blonde at the bottom.

This was 2 years ago when I first got blonde at the bottom

I decided the other day to get scissors and cut the blonde of myself and maybe start again add blonde back in my hair. I get told I suit dark hair, but I hate having it all dark ?   



You may see another hair post in the next few days, if I decide to add blonde back in my hair. 

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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Wetherspoon Mexican Monday | Take 2

I went to the White Lady Wetherspoon again yesterday. Yup again, I go there a lot. It was Mexican Monday and I loved it first time I tried it. I find it funny when you order the same thing from the menu as before and never quite looks the same. I ordered the Bbq pulled pork and cheese quesadilla, same as last time. 

Now let's just compare 

Last time

This time 

I got more rice than last time and got tortilla chips, which I didn't get tortilla chips last time. The tortilla chips aren't mentioned on bbq pulled pork and cheese quesadilla, so I'm not sure if you're ment to get them or not ? Assuming not. Maybe sure they saw I done a blog post last time, so thought hey we better add more haha, or just ordered too many tortilla chips and trying to get rid of them ? 

I loved it either way. My only thought is I done a blog post first time and it's had a lot of views from people searching on Google " Wetherspoon Mexican Monday " . So I'm not sure if you're ment to expect tortilla chips on your plate or not, since I didn't get them first time. This has to be my favourite club day for Wetherspoon now as they are so tasty. I must admit though the quesadillas were better placed first time, this time they looked like they were tossed on, I mean come on it doesn't look good for the photo haha.

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Friday, 3 April 2015

Victoria's Secret | The Nakeds Palette

Hey everyone I thought I'd show you another of my eyeshadow palettes. When I saw the Victoria's Secret the Nakeds it made me think of the Urban Decay naked palette. The naked palette is so expensive, but I do plan on buying one day. 

The palette box itself looks highend with the gold colour and engraved lettering. It's also small and compact so easy to carry in your bag. 

There's ten shades all nude and a few glittery ones, which I love. The shades are named barely pink, copped sand, graystone, brown sable, sparkling black, warm vanilla, tawny pink, smokey lilac, sparkling brown and charcoal black. You always get a eyeshadow brush and an eyeliner. 

It costed $28 which is really good for 10 eyeshadows. The eyeliner I've bought the same one separately before for $5. 

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