Saturday, 28 March 2015

Vegetarian Breakfast | Wetherspoon

I had breakfast at Wetherspoon ( White Lady Edinburgh) , so thought I'd show you the breakfast you get. The breakfasts are really cheap, most of the menu is only £2.99. 

I choose the vegetarian which had toast, mushroom, beans, tomato, vegetarian sausage and egg. 

I'd totally recommend breakfast at Wetherspoon since it's cheap price. The only dear thing is the irn bru I got with the breakfast was £1.50 so makes the breakfast sound dearer, but that's pub prices. 

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  1. This looks so yum, I'd love this right now! X

    Taylor Swift style steel on the blog-

  2. They have really good food at Wetherspoon. I am a big fan of their chicken burgers, but this looks very yummy as well. I might try it next time.


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