Saturday, 28 March 2015

Vegetarian Breakfast | Wetherspoon

I had breakfast at Wetherspoon ( White Lady Edinburgh) , so thought I'd show you the breakfast you get. The breakfasts are really cheap, most of the menu is only £2.99. 

I choose the vegetarian which had toast, mushroom, beans, tomato, vegetarian sausage and egg. 

I'd totally recommend breakfast at Wetherspoon since it's cheap price. The only dear thing is the irn bru I got with the breakfast was £1.50 so makes the breakfast sound dearer, but that's pub prices. 

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Friday, 20 March 2015

Interior | Bedroom

I get a lot of people asking to see the decor of my bedroom, so here it is !! If you don't like New York sorry. I love New York, so most of my house is themed around New York. Most things have been bought not long ago, so most things should be still available. I have a New York skyline wall mural on the wall where by bed is. I wanted the mural, so when you walk in the bedroom it's like you're looking over New York, haha. The opposite wall is painted silver, the other two walls are painted cream.

The back cushions I spotted at IKEA and were only £2.50 each and the New York ones I loved the one saying Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queen and Staten Island. I so love Manhattan. Technically I didn't need the skyline one, but I have bigger version for my sitting room and thought the small one looked nice, so had to buy it.

The three block photos I got at B and Q and were only a fiver from B and Q. B and Q and always have nice New York photos really cheap.

The Alex 9 drawers I use to store my makeup and the malm drawers I keep my clothes.
I keep my currant must used stuff on top of my makeup drawers.

Currant must used beauty products :
Victoria's Secret shimmers 
Elizabeth and James perfumes
Dr Jacksons face and eye essence 

This box I picked up at Homesense. I love the design though looks kind of retro, so can't make up my mind if it goes with my room.

For anyone interested in where I bought any of the products :

New York Skyline wall mural - somewhere online I googled New York skyline mural and there's so many sellers I forgot which one, but paid £40
Silver paint - Crown matalic silver
Cream paint - Crown Antique cream
Laminate flooring - Direct flooring
Tv brown leather bed - Tesco direct 
New York duvet covers - Asda 
Grey Cushions IKEA 
Small New York cushions - Asda
Times Square small photos - B and Q
Alex 9 drawers - IKEA
Malm drawers - IKEA 
Jewelry box - Homesense 
 Mirrors - Krabb two pack IKEA 
Purple light shade - Tesco direct 

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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Interior | Living Room

I finally have my house kind of the way I want it, so now I'm happy to let you see. I'll do different blog posts showing different rooms, but today i'll start with my living room.

I love New York, so ever since i saw the New York wall mural at Argos I knew I wanted my sitting room to be New York themed. If you watch my house tour video I made on youtube this is the big wall and had a hatch, because of the size of the mural I had to board up the hatch. Someone from my work came and helped me, as i'd never done it before.

This is the wall to the right of the mural which I choose to paint using the color a
Antique cream (Crown). I thought it would go well with the sofa, also as the wall paper I picked for the other two walls are black.

For anyone interest the products in this picture

New York Skyline clock is from Asda
Rockefeller picture is from B and Q
Sofa is called Alberta from Tesco direct
New York skyline cushions is from Argos
Desk is the expedit from Ikea
Imac is from Apple store
Chair is part of my fold away table from Very
New York Skyline rug is from Tesco direct
Carpet was bought from a local carpet shop, which I can't remember the name of the colour.



This wall paper I absolutely love how it mentions New York, Central Park, Los Angeles etc. I have it covering two walls, I bought it at B and Q.  The table and chairs in the picture is called butterfly table from Very website. Although it looks a darker wood to shown on the website, I still love the design and can fold away in the corner.
Hope you enjoyed seeing my living room. Below is a video what the house looked like when I bought it, so you can see the changes.

This is a video of my Living Room now

Tomorrows post i'll maybe show my bedroom ?

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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Mexican Monday | Wetherspoon

I think you all know I love going to Wetherspoon and now they've started a new menu deal called Mexican Monday's. I think the only day of the week they don't do now is Saturday's ? 

I went to the one I usually always go to the White Lady in Edinburgh. 

The menu was 

Naked burrito

Then you choose your filling / top

Five bean chilli with quorn
Chilli con carne 
Bbq pulled pork 
Shaved rib-eye steak
Chicken breast strips


Bbq pulled pork and cheese quesadilla 

They all come with a drink for £5.49 or £6.49 alcohol. 

I went for the Bbq pulled pork and cheese quesadilla and urn bru as per usual. We had to wait half an hour before it came, the one reason I hate when you get a glass of ice for your drink and by the time your meal comes you have a glass of water. I usually end up looking for a glass to chuck the water away.

 For £5.49 I was expected a small amount, as this is the cheapest day of the week deal they have. It was actually really  nice. I would go for that on the menu again.

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Saturday, 14 March 2015

Meet my friends baby

My friend Sheona who I hadn't seen in years just had a baby called Brodie, so I got a personalised Tigger from the Disney store for wee Brodie. I went to meet him the other day. They live in a small town just outside Edinburgh, which I hadn't been to in years so didn't know where I was going. I nearly missed the bus stop, lucky I clicked google map and quickly got of the bus haha. Then I used google map to find the street, so yeah thanks google map !!! 

The photos of me are so bad, am sure buses make me tired haha.
He's so tiny, as he was 4 weeks early. He's about the same size as Tigger haha.

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Thursday, 12 March 2015

Herbal Essences clearly naked shampoo

My regular shampoo I use is the Herbal Essences ignite my colour and has been for years. I love the smell of it and it does the job I guess. It's also on offer a lot at supermarkets at half price, so ever since I started trying to be good with my money I always bought about 5 at a time everytme it went on offer. Herbal Essences ignite my colour works amazing if you have two colours in your hair. I've mentioned before John Frieda is good for colored hair, but I wouldn't recommend it for regular use where as Herbal Essences is perfect for regular use.
The Herbal Essences clearly naked shampoo was only £1.50 in Asda, so picked one up to try. 
The bottle says it has mint fusion extract. I personally wasn't keen on the smell, to me it smells like mans aftershave. I'll stick with the Herbal Essences ignite my colour (Moroccan rose and passion fruit).
Have you tried Herbal Essences naked ? What do you think ? It's not my thing, but we all like different smells.
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