Sunday, 22 February 2015

Review | Vita Coco Coconut Oil

I've read online and in newspapers people use coconut oil as a beauty product, but the thought of applying coconut oil to my skin sounded gross. Then I day day I read in a magazine Mary-Kate Olsen uses Dr Jacksons coconut melt, being a fan of Mary-Kate and Ashley I obvious bought it. I wrote about it here .

Whenever I saw the jar of coconut oil in my local supermarket I kept thinking it looks similar to Dr Jacksons coconut melt.  Tesco had the Vita coconut oil 250ml for £5.99 and the 500ml for £9.99. Then I saw the bigger size on offer £1.50 off, so its £8.49 just now. On the jar of the Vita Coconut oil it say eat it, wear it, swear by it. I ended up buying it.

When I opened the jar the coconut smell is really strong. Its a lot stronger than the Dr Jacksons coconut melt which is made for beauty. The product itself looks exact same and feels the same. 

The coconut oil is solid, but melts with the heat from your hands. I use my fingers and move around the jar. After about a minute you can feel it melting. I then just apply it to my face as a moisturiser. 

It makes your skin feels so soft. I've also noticed before I started using coconut oil after working all day when I went home I had lines on my forehead, yet on my days off work my face looks fine. I'm not sure if I make a lot of faces or stress haha. Since using coconut oil I don't have those lines showing after working all day.

Have you tried Coconut oil as a moisturiser ? It's made a huge difference in my skin and it's natural ingredients.

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  1. I hear such great things about coconut oil! I work with a girl who uses it for everything, she cooks with it and covers her entire body every few days! She swears by it!


    1. Ha well that's what vita coco say swear by it. It really does work.


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