Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Review | Vaseline Spray And Go Body Moisturiser

Vaseline website say :

With pure oat extract and leaves skin feeling soft

 Absobs fast and for a non-greasy feel

Great for all-over usage including areas that are hard to reach

The Vaseline spray and go is the best for when you've just got out the shower just spray and you can put your clothes straight on. It's good especially for colder seasons when it's freezing getting out your shower, unless you have a heater in the bathroom.

I rarely moisturise either I'm too tired or I start work early so it's too early for that that jazz. The spray and go is different takes about 30 seconds to spray after being in the shower. The only downside I've found when I've used a nice smelly Soap and Glory shower gel. Then use the Vaseline spray and go it takes away the smell of the Soap and Glory. 

I've tried the essential moisture and the cocoa. They both have a nice smell, but I'd maybe not use shower gel on the days you moisturise since the spray and go has a smell itself.

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  1. I love those body moisture sprays eespecially the cocoa butter one. I repurchased it many times last year.


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