Monday, 9 February 2015

Primark | P.S Love Lipsticks

Hey everyone. When I first started my blog I was lost where to start and was scared to write much incase anyone judged, so it was a lot more picture posts . So if you have followed me since the beginning you'd know what I mean. I remember when primark brought out the new P.S Love makeup range I went into Primark and all the P.S Love long lasting lipsticks were only £1, so I think I bought most colours to try out. I took a picture of me wearing each lipstick and posted it and looking at my analytics that post seems to be one of my most popular posts. 

Primark makeup is so cheap, so I decided to head to town pick up a few more things to try out. I picked up lipsticks which say P.S Love lipstick and nothing else. That's the only thing I don't like about primark makeup there isn't much explaining, no colour name or anything. I assume these are the normal lipsticks, to the long lasting.

They are really nice colours, but I'm not sure about the nude one. It looks nude on the stick, but shows up clear and glitterr, so you really have to apply it lightly. The red and dark pink colours show up very similar shades though, but the lighter pink is a nice Barbie colour pink.

They only last a few hours, but for a pound what do you expect. 

I will defiantly use the red and pinks again. The one thing I like about them for a pound of you loose them, you won't miss them.

Have you tried Primark P.S Love lipstick ?

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  1. The dark pink is gorgeous!

  2. These lipsticks are awesome, that red one has my eye!

  3. Very pretty shades!


  4. Nice review, I might give them a go!
    Sara xx


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