Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Mac Limited Edition | Stroke Of Midnight Brush Set

I thought I would show my Mac makeup brushes today incase anyone interested. I choose Mac, as I believe they'll last longer. Mac makeup is expensive, but good quality. 

I have the Mac Stroke of midnight brushes which are limited edition. (I bought them last year) They are the eye brushes, but when I went to the Mac store it was the only set they had and can't quite justify to spend that much on a single Mac brushes yet. The sets seems so much cheaper. After tax I only paid around $49. I think the chunky brush you could get away with using for other makeup though.

You also get a makeup bag to store the brushes, which I actually quite like. Normally when you get a "free" bag with makeup it's granny like. I end up throwing it in the bin. It's limited edition and Mac theme design. 

There's five makeup brushes :

227se : Large Fluff brush
214se : Short shader brush
219se : Pencil brush
266se : Small angle brush
211se : Pointed liner brush

What makeup brushes do you use ? 

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