Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Disney Store Peronalised

My friend just had a baby, so I wanted to buy something different since its for a baby. After searching the internet there was loads of websites for personalised baby things. There's a lot of websites selling baby clothes that you could get personalised, but I'd never heard of. Me being me I didn't want to buy baby clothes Peronalised from a company I had never heard of, because the fact it was for a baby and wanted something I knew was 100% safe.

I then came across the Disney Store website offering personalised things. When I clicked the website there's a list of things you can get personalised. There's plenty of stuff to choose from, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse , Winnie the Pooh and everything Disney. When I found Tigger I thought perfect since most kids know Tigger and it was only £12. I clicked buy and it offers you to get it personalised, which ranges from £2.99 to £4.99 depending on which product. There's nothing to say where the name will be, as some websites have a preview example showing what it will look like. I assumed it would be on Tiggers tummy,  since it's a lighter shade and thought it would look perfect there. I typed the name I wanted "Brodie" and took the risk not known what it would look like. Once I clicked pay I got a confirmation email saying 

Tiger medium soft toy
Personalise it  - Brodie 

Then when I got the shipping email it said :

PZ White / silver tag 
Tiger medium soft toy

That's when I thought ok so it's going to be a tag attached ? 

It was delivered in a brown box with Disney themed. It's a shame I'm chucking it in the bin, as it's too chucky to carry in the box to give when the toy is small.

 I opened the box not known what the personalise would look like, so it was abit of a surprise. The tag with the name "Brodie" is wrapped around Tiggers arm, but still looks nice as its done in Disney style writing.

I will definitely order again, but think it would help if there was a sample what it looked like on like I've seen on some personalised websites.
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  1. Aw thats so cute!


  2. This is so cute! It's a shame they didn't show a sample, but I still think the personalised tag looks gorgeous anyway. Such a great gift idea, thanks for sharing! x

    Amy | The Perks of Being Amy


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