Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Disney Store Peronalised

My friend just had a baby, so I wanted to buy something different since its for a baby. After searching the internet there was loads of websites for personalised baby things. There's a lot of websites selling baby clothes that you could get personalised, but I'd never heard of. Me being me I didn't want to buy baby clothes Peronalised from a company I had never heard of, because the fact it was for a baby and wanted something I knew was 100% safe.

I then came across the Disney Store website offering personalised things. When I clicked the website there's a list of things you can get personalised. There's plenty of stuff to choose from, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse , Winnie the Pooh and everything Disney. When I found Tigger I thought perfect since most kids know Tigger and it was only £12. I clicked buy and it offers you to get it personalised, which ranges from £2.99 to £4.99 depending on which product. There's nothing to say where the name will be, as some websites have a preview example showing what it will look like. I assumed it would be on Tiggers tummy,  since it's a lighter shade and thought it would look perfect there. I typed the name I wanted "Brodie" and took the risk not known what it would look like. Once I clicked pay I got a confirmation email saying 

Tiger medium soft toy
Personalise it  - Brodie 

Then when I got the shipping email it said :

PZ White / silver tag 
Tiger medium soft toy

That's when I thought ok so it's going to be a tag attached ? 

It was delivered in a brown box with Disney themed. It's a shame I'm chucking it in the bin, as it's too chucky to carry in the box to give when the toy is small.

 I opened the box not known what the personalise would look like, so it was abit of a surprise. The tag with the name "Brodie" is wrapped around Tiggers arm, but still looks nice as its done in Disney style writing.

I will definitely order again, but think it would help if there was a sample what it looked like on like I've seen on some personalised websites.
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Review | Vaseline Spray And Go Body Moisturiser

Vaseline website say :

With pure oat extract and leaves skin feeling soft

 Absobs fast and for a non-greasy feel

Great for all-over usage including areas that are hard to reach

The Vaseline spray and go is the best for when you've just got out the shower just spray and you can put your clothes straight on. It's good especially for colder seasons when it's freezing getting out your shower, unless you have a heater in the bathroom.

I rarely moisturise either I'm too tired or I start work early so it's too early for that that jazz. The spray and go is different takes about 30 seconds to spray after being in the shower. The only downside I've found when I've used a nice smelly Soap and Glory shower gel. Then use the Vaseline spray and go it takes away the smell of the Soap and Glory. 

I've tried the essential moisture and the cocoa. They both have a nice smell, but I'd maybe not use shower gel on the days you moisturise since the spray and go has a smell itself.

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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Veggie Burger | Wetherspoon

I went to the White Lady yesterday with my parents and auntie for a meal (yes I know I go to the White Lady a lot). 

I had the veggie burger, which is just a burger full of veg. It also comes with chips and a drink, I went for Irn bru. It was about £6 for the meal and juice, which is a good price for a meal if you don't go on the club days.

The White Lady is a good Wetherspoon to go to if you're in Edinburgh, although the staff are bad for trying to take your plate away when you're still eating. I still love the food there.

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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Review | Vita Coco Coconut Oil

I've read online and in newspapers people use coconut oil as a beauty product, but the thought of applying coconut oil to my skin sounded gross. Then I day day I read in a magazine Mary-Kate Olsen uses Dr Jacksons coconut melt, being a fan of Mary-Kate and Ashley I obvious bought it. I wrote about it here .

Whenever I saw the jar of coconut oil in my local supermarket I kept thinking it looks similar to Dr Jacksons coconut melt.  Tesco had the Vita coconut oil 250ml for £5.99 and the 500ml for £9.99. Then I saw the bigger size on offer £1.50 off, so its £8.49 just now. On the jar of the Vita Coconut oil it say eat it, wear it, swear by it. I ended up buying it.

When I opened the jar the coconut smell is really strong. Its a lot stronger than the Dr Jacksons coconut melt which is made for beauty. The product itself looks exact same and feels the same. 

The coconut oil is solid, but melts with the heat from your hands. I use my fingers and move around the jar. After about a minute you can feel it melting. I then just apply it to my face as a moisturiser. 

It makes your skin feels so soft. I've also noticed before I started using coconut oil after working all day when I went home I had lines on my forehead, yet on my days off work my face looks fine. I'm not sure if I make a lot of faces or stress haha. Since using coconut oil I don't have those lines showing after working all day.

Have you tried Coconut oil as a moisturiser ? It's made a huge difference in my skin and it's natural ingredients.

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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Review | Lush Cinders Christmas Bath Bomb

The lush cinders bath bomb is one of lushes smaller bath bombs. The website says its a cinnamon and spicey smell, although I couldn't really smell it. So I guess it's one of few which isn't really strong smell. 

When I dropped it in the bath its one of the fastest melting. I was expecting it to do something else, but just kept bubbling yellow. The website says it crackles, so I was listening like a kid listening to their rice crispier snap, crackle and pop cereal. It was more very low, if you weren't silent you wouldn't hear, but I didn't buy it just to hear the noise anyway, so I don't mind. 

All in all it was like lying in a yellow bath and didn't feel like it done anything to my skin like it promises.! I know some people say they don't like lush as the smell is too much, I'd say this bath bomb is for them, it's not over powering.
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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Baking Pineapple Upside Down Pudding

The good thing about having your own house, is it's your rules. I was never really allowed to bake at home, yet strangely my exam results at school Home Economics was my best grade out of all exams. So now I have my own house, I'm trying to bake more. 

I was so chuffed how good my cupcakes turned out at Christmas time, I wanted to try make pineapple upside down pudding. Pineapple upside down pudding was what a made for my exam at school. 

Today was the first time I made it in nearly 11 years and it went wrong, so my first cooking disaster. The middle rised so high it looked like a hill in the middle, by the time I turned it round it looked like a bowl oops. Don't think I'd pass my exam  if it looked like that haha.

The only bad thing living on your own is I can't exactly eat it all to myself.

Have you had a cooking disaster ? 

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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Review | Lush Snowman Shower Jelly

I've been using up my Lush Christmas range up in order of what I thought sounded nicest, well I was wrong. I couldn't wait to try the Lush Snow White shower gel and was abit disappointed it wasn't was nice as it sounded. I'd been holding of the snowman shower gel till near the end, because I didn't think I thought it sounded all that great. It's one of the best smelling products in the Christmas range.

It comes in a small tub and just looks like a tub of jelly. The snowman is folded over, so you have to lift it gently and open out. It has a really nice fruity smell. I've actually nearly used up all my lush stuff, so I kind of miss when I laid out my lush stuff on my living room table and whenever I walked in the room, you got a whiff of all the lush scents.

I was kind of confused what I was ment to do with a shower jelly, to why I think I wanted to leave it to the last. I do still have a few more bath bombs to use, so reviews still coming on them.

I ended up putting the snowman back on the tub and folding half over the tub and pushing it down to cut the snowman in half. The tub made a good cuter, because the jelly is soft.

I always like to use smelly stuff in the shower, so I used it like a bar of soap and still had quite abit left. The bathroom ended up smelling so fruity. I thought it was going to be just a light fruit smell like how it smelt smelling the snowman, but you get more smell once you've used it. It also lasts a while. I could still smell the fruitiness on me the following day.

Have you tried the Lush snowman jelly ?

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Thursday, 12 February 2015

Nail Polish Collection

 I've managed to accumulate so many nail polishes through time, so I thought I would share with you my nail polishes. Incase anyone is wondering how I collected them, I usually buy in sets of three as most drugstore brands are 3 for 2. If you buy 3 for 2 it's a good way to build your nail polish collection, also save money since you're getting the third one free. Boots do event days when they offer £12 in Boots points when you spend £50, some of the nail polishes were bought on the event days since its a good deal. I know people who buy nail polishes a lot and only buy one at a time, if you plan getting more later, you might as well buy three at once if you can afford to and get one free, to save money.

I've set them into colours 


Barry M
 Cobait blue
Cyan blue
Barry M Silk
Barry M Gelly hi shine
Barry M Nail Effects 
Atlantic road
Barry M Magnetic 
Magnetic blue
Lapiz of luxury 
Beach bum blu
Rimmel I love lasting finish 
Loafers love for you
Collection Work the colour 
Blue Belle
Revlon Chroma chameleon 


Barry M 
Red black 
Barry M Magnetic 
NYC Long wearing 
 Big apple red


Barry M
Shocking pink
Bright pink 
Barry M Hi shine
Barry M Silk
Lovie dovie
Rimmel I love lasting finish
Strawberry fizz
Pop your pink


Barry M
Bright purple
Vivid purple
Barry M Gelly hi shine
Prickly pear
Barry M Silk
NYC Long wearing 
Purple pizzazz frost
NYC Quick dry 
Prince street
Revlon chroma chameleon 


Barry M
Peach Melba
Barry M Hi shine
Rimmel I love lasting finish
Tangy tangerine 
Collection Work the colour 
Scorched copper


Barry M
Mint green
Barry M Silk
Barry M Aquarium 
Barry M Gelly hi shine
Sugar Apple 
Mint candy apple
Rimmel I love lasting finish 
Pear drop 


Barry M
Barry M Gelly Hi shine
Rose hip
Barry M Matte
Barry M Silk
Not just a pretty face
Sugar daddy
Butter London

Barry M magnetic 
Dark Silver

Barry M base coat
Barry M Matte top coat


Barry M
Rose Quartz 
Gold mine glitter
Amethyst glitter
Magenta glitter
Red glitter
Pink sapphire glitter
Barry M crystal glaze
Barry M textured nail effects
Barry M Aquarium 
Treasure chest
As gold as it gets 
Tanya Burr
Midnight sparkles
NYC Long wearing 
Starry silver glitter
NYC sparkle top coat
Big city dazzle 
Collection Work the colour 
Fairy dust 
Snow fall 
Tangled tinsel 
Ginger snap
Candy craze

What other colours or brands should I try ? I'd like to try Mac and Michael Korrs

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