Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Victoria's Secret | Give Me Glam Makeup Kit

I have to admit I hate opening stuff I buy in America, because it's stuff I can't buy in the uk and don't know when I'll be back in America. I bought the Victoria's Secret give me glam makeup kit when I was last in New York they had it on the sale and was only $11. I think it's time I started using some of my stuff from America, so I have a reason to go back. 

I opened the Victoria's Secret give me glam makeup kit the other day. It comes in a black box with the Victoria's Secret brand name on it in pink writing, which I love since we can't get Victoria's Secret in Scotland.

It opens up to a mirror upwards and 2 layers of makeup. The first layer is eyeshadows and lip glosses. That layer slides in opposite directions and underneath is foundation powder, blusher, eyeliner, mascara and makeup brushes.

There's two rows of lip glosses on either side of the palette. It's a mix of nudes, pink and red. 

There's 30 different shades of eyeshadows a good mix of neutrals, darks, greens and glittery shades, which is good for someone just starting their makeup collection. They wipe of really easily when I done the swatches on my hand I just used a baby wipe and they all came of in one wipe, no scrubbing. I particularly like the neutral shades, the gold and nudes look a really nice colour.

The second layer of makeup is the foundation powders, blushers, eyeliner, lip liner, mascara and makeup brushes. I'm not really a fan of foundation powders, but I'd definitely use the blushers. 

The eyeliner and lip liner are more travel size, but they work really well for the price you pay.

The mascara again is travel size. It's hard to tell in the photo, but it's more like a sample size? It would do for a holiday away or handy to fit in your hand bag. I tried it out and there's no clumps, but it doesn't last all day. After a few hours it looked like I had no mascara on, so you'd have to take with you to reapply.

I'd recommend this for the price $11 is a bargain for everything you get in it. Although depends if you like makeup lasting all day or not, or if you like makeup coming of easy. Everything came of easily with a baby wipe.

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  1. I always forget Victoria's Secrets do make up! This looks like a lovely palette and a total bargain.

    Antonia x | Fifi and the Diamonds

    1. Oh really that's what I love their makeup and perfume, but we can't have the perfume shipped to the uk :-(

  2. this looks so good x


  3. Oh, that's a beautiful kit! I haven't worn VS makeup in so long, but I remember enjoying them when I still bought them.

  4. Looks amazing, so many beautiful shades!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


  5. Thsi palette looks soo good! And very versatile! Xxx



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