Thursday, 15 January 2015

Review | Lush Luxury Pud

When you have have a selection of lush bath bombs to use, it's abit of a decision which one to use. In the end today I choose the luxury lush Pud.   

It's a pink ball with different colours on the outside. I love this one, as it has a fruity smell. Once you drop it in the water the pink ball starts to fizz and all the colored circles on the outside start to fizz out and look like rainbow colours. 

After spitting out rainbow colours, the pink carried on spraying out. At end end your left with a pink colour. The rainbow colours looked nicer, shame there wasn't more mixed colours in it. It was still a nice pink colour though.

Have you tried the luxury lush Pud ? 
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  1. Looks good. I'd feel guilty putting it into the bath lol! It looks so cute ;-)

  2. Bath bombs are too pretty, I hate ruining them haha! I need to get more lush products, they're so luxurious!

    Love your blog :) just followed!
    Check me out at

  3. this looks like such a lovely bath bomb!

    from helen at

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  4. One of my favourites! x //

  5. I've never seen this one, let'e be honest all Lush bath bombs are normally amazing.



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