Saturday, 10 January 2015

Hollister | Clothing Shopping

 A year ago I was considering buying Hollister hoody and joggers, as I had never shopped there before. I think I spend most of my time in hoody and joggers, who doesn't?. So Boxing Day last year, I saw the website had 40% off. I thought that would be the best chance to shop. I ended up buying 2 hoodies and a pair of joggers. They are so comfy, I think I've pretty much wear them whenever I get the chance.

These are a couple Instagram pictures of last years

I've had emails all year offering 20% or 30%, so when I got an email saying it was 40% off on Christmas Day and Boxing Day I felt I had to buy a new hoody and joggers.

I went for the navy hoody this time and grey joggers. Although I didn't think any of the joggers were as stylish as last years, but they are plain grey so it's fine. 

If you plan on shopping at Hollister do make sure you sign up to the email, as they offer 20% - 30% off a lot. Also Christmas Day and Boxing Day I've seen 40% off , better than paying full price.

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  1. I've never tried any of their stuff but I know lots of people do like it :-)

  2. ooh i love the hoodie and the joggers, they are so cute! I don't really shop at Hollister though, I prefer Urban Outfitters!


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