Friday, 16 January 2015

Curry Night | Wetherspoons

Thursday is curry night at Wetherspoons. If you haven't heard of Wetherspoons its a pub in the Uk. They also serve food and have days where they have nights like Tuesday is steak night, Wednesday is chicken night, Thursday is curry night and Friday is fish night. 

I went with my parents to the White Lady in Edinburgh. A lot of Wetherspoons have names for each one. The one I go to is named after someone called the White Lady. If you google you'll see the story. There's another one I go to in Edinburgh called Alexander Graham Bell named after the man who invented the phone. 

I went for the Korma, because I don't like too spice.You get Korma chicken, rice, nan bread and papadoms.

Have you had curry at Wetherspoons? 

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  1. What a delicious dinner! I like that the portion is just right, too; not too small, not too large. Too bad I'm not in the UK! :o)

  2. hmmmmm we are having curry night tonight :) yum love korma as im not a huge fan of spice either but I do love a tikka masala now and again its just the right amount of spice and its more tomatoey than creamy x great pics x
    Sophie x

    1. Don't think I've tried masala. Maybe need to try

  3. I love curry club at wetherspoons, I have it almost every week hahah! It's such good value for money:) x

  4. aah used to always go for wetherspoons curry! it's so gooood haha

    from helen at

    ps. there's a £60 skincare giveaway on my blog here, if you fancy joining!

  5. It's a good deal. I do like Wetherspoons :-) Cheap good food and you can sit for hours and they don't annoy you!


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