Tuesday, 6 January 2015

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I loved 2 bags in Accessorize a couple months ago, a 80's hits bag because I was born in the 80's and the cara camera bag which I think kind of describes me well lol.

A lot of shops online start the online sales on Christmas Eve, so I went on Accessorize website ask searched for them and they were half price, so I had to buy them. 

The 80's hits bag was £25 down to £12.50 and the cara camera bag was £29 down to £14.50. Bargain when I was considering buying them full price.

The 80's hits bag is a matalic colour zip along over the shoulder bag. When it comes to bags I'm quite fussy, most of the time I don't carry a bag, but this is perfect size and looks quite stylish. 

The cara camera bag  is also over the shoulder bag. I love the camera design, although it's abit of a faff trying to open. I think it's the way the design is it doesn't open too well, but it looks great either way. I'll still keep it as its a great price. This bag is more suitable if your not going to open your bag too bag through the day. I describes us camera / blogger people really well. 

I ordered on Christmas Eve. On Friday the 2nd of January I got a missed note through my door from Hermes . I looked up the accessorize tracking number and I missed the parcel. The note said they were going to re attempt to deliver on the 3rd January, the next day. So I spent the whole day waiting in just for the delivery to come. At 3pm I checked the tracking number and it still showed as out for delivery. Then at half 4 I checked again and was changed to delivered 09:30am, yet I didn't have it? I tried phoning hermes delivery company, but it says you must phone the retailer. I tried phoning accessorize many times on the Saturday and Sunday you are stuck on hold for 10 mins saying your in a queue then says, sorry they are too busy right now try again later goodbye and hangs up. Which is useless you can't get through and email says up to 5 days. I just wanted to know where my parcel had gone if it was signed for. I went over to my local Accessorize store only to be told once its sent its out of Accessorize hands , so it was up to Hermes. I wrote on the Facebook page asking where my parcel is ask its showing delivered, yet I didn't have it. They replied it was delivered at 09:05am on the 3rd of January. I said no I waited in all day and nothing came and asked to see the signature who signed for it. They said they couldn't show for data protection. What my parcel, they were protecting someone who signed for my stuff. Eventually on Monday the parcel was delivered. So why was it classed as delivered on Saturday? And I wasted a day waiting in on Saturday. I'd like to hope Accessorize and Hermes will improve or Accessorize need to reconsider who delivers for them.

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  1. Sorry to hear your having problems with your delivery you need to get back onto accessorize as they are responsible for making sure you get your parcel they're also the ones with the contract with my hermes.
    I've just had an issue with my hermes today had a note through door saying parcel had been left in bin. It was collection day so the bin was full and sitting on the street. So parcel was taken by bin men I don't know how anyone can be that stupid. Luckily it was from John Lewis and they are resending everything recorded delivery.
    It can be so hit and miss when ordering online as you don't know what company will be delivering.
    I hope you get everything sorted soon.


    1. Oh dear don't know why they put in bins. Happened to me years ago got a jacket put in the bin. It's annoying they claimed it was delivered on Saturday and eventually came yesterday.

  2. Oh wow those are some cool looking bags :-D

    That sucks I've had issued with Hermes too. More so with damage to the packages than anything else. A few broken nail polishes and a battered package with a few polishes missing..... :-(

    1. companies need to sort themselves out who's to blame. they said re deliver on saturday so waited all day. then the tracker changed to delivered. It only just came yesterday. So wasted my day and why class it as delivered when it wasn't. Hope you got new nail polishes.

  3. they're so cute! shame the delivery was rubbish, though hermes always are!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com


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