Saturday, 31 January 2015

Victoria's Secret | Shimmer Lotion

Today I thought write about the Victoria's Secret shimmer lotion. Can you believe in finally starting to use all the American products. I love all the smelly stuff in Victoria's Secret. I was looking on the Victoria's Secret website before I went to New York and they were $12 or 3 for $24. So was nice to find they were in the sales 5 for $20, so I picked up two of the Amber Romance and three of the Love Spell. 

It comes out just like any other lotion. I put on my hands and at first I didn't see any shimmer, but the smell still smelt nice. After about a minute the shimmery glitter appeared. It's a nice shimmer, not too glittery. I did find it hard to take a photo, I think it shows up better in person. 

The Love Spell smells of cherry blossom and peach. The Amber Romance smells of Amber and creme anglaise. Both of them contain aloe Vera and vitamin E. 

I love the smell on my hands, but the tube says it's good for shoulders and legs for a sensual glow. I think I'd put on my arms and legs if I wore a dress, so it would show more.

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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Benefit | Roller Lash Mascara

Benefit is releasing a new mascara called Roller Lash. I heard you could try it before the launch date if you bought the Elle mag. I don't really read magazines, because when I start buying magazines they can be addictive and I've saved so much money not buying them. The sample size is 3g and the full size Benefit Roller Lash mascara is going to be 8.5g retail price at £19.50, so your getting a bit less than half a tube of mascara for only £4. I went along to Tesco and there's was two Elle magazines and two travel size magazines, so if you want to try the sample size I would be quick. I think they'll sell fast or if not you're left with magazines which have been ripped open as people want the freebie, but don't want to pay for the magazine.

The Roller Lash is ment to be similar to the Benefit number one selling mascara They're Real. The difference in the Roller Lash is its styled like Velcro hair rollers and the flexible wand has small rubber hooks, which gently grab your lashes and curls them as you go. I've only used curling lashes a few times in my life, but it will make it a lot faster for people who rely on lash curlers. 

The box says it was tested on 31 over 4 weeks : 97% said it visibly lifts lashes. 87% said it gives long lasting curl. 94% said eyes look more wide open.

When it comes to mascara there's few that I find make my eyes look "good" if I may say so myself. Well I think I've found a new favorite mascara. It's really easy to apply. Some mascara I've put on and I'm not happy how my lashes look, so I've had keep re applying. The Benefit Roller lash I was happy how it looked after first layer, so there was no need to reapply. 

Below is my eyes with no mascara and after applying the Benefit Roller lash. 



This has to be my new favorite mascara, am so glad I tried it free with the Elle magazine. You can see the difference after applying the mascara. I'm quite impressed how it turned out. What do you think of the new Benefit Roller Lash ?

Benefit Roller Lash will available to buy on March 1st

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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Review | Lush SO White Shower Gel

I think I need to get like customers who open the bottle and sniff before you buy. The Snow White shower gel was one of the Christmas range I was looking forward to trying. So white just gave me the impression it was made around the theme of snow. 

When I opened the bottle it comes out a cream colour and smells like washing up liquid to do your dishes. It's not a bad smell, but I was expecting smelling nicer than that and you don't expect to pick up a shower gel smelling like washing up liquids. 

I guess I wouldn't really recommend it, unless you want to smell of washing up liquid ? 

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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Victoria's Secret | Give Me Glam Makeup Kit

I have to admit I hate opening stuff I buy in America, because it's stuff I can't buy in the uk and don't know when I'll be back in America. I bought the Victoria's Secret give me glam makeup kit when I was last in New York they had it on the sale and was only $11. I think it's time I started using some of my stuff from America, so I have a reason to go back. 

I opened the Victoria's Secret give me glam makeup kit the other day. It comes in a black box with the Victoria's Secret brand name on it in pink writing, which I love since we can't get Victoria's Secret in Scotland.

It opens up to a mirror upwards and 2 layers of makeup. The first layer is eyeshadows and lip glosses. That layer slides in opposite directions and underneath is foundation powder, blusher, eyeliner, mascara and makeup brushes.

There's two rows of lip glosses on either side of the palette. It's a mix of nudes, pink and red. 

There's 30 different shades of eyeshadows a good mix of neutrals, darks, greens and glittery shades, which is good for someone just starting their makeup collection. They wipe of really easily when I done the swatches on my hand I just used a baby wipe and they all came of in one wipe, no scrubbing. I particularly like the neutral shades, the gold and nudes look a really nice colour.

The second layer of makeup is the foundation powders, blushers, eyeliner, lip liner, mascara and makeup brushes. I'm not really a fan of foundation powders, but I'd definitely use the blushers. 

The eyeliner and lip liner are more travel size, but they work really well for the price you pay.

The mascara again is travel size. It's hard to tell in the photo, but it's more like a sample size? It would do for a holiday away or handy to fit in your hand bag. I tried it out and there's no clumps, but it doesn't last all day. After a few hours it looked like I had no mascara on, so you'd have to take with you to reapply.

I'd recommend this for the price $11 is a bargain for everything you get in it. Although depends if you like makeup lasting all day or not, or if you like makeup coming of easy. Everything came of easily with a baby wipe.

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Thursday, 22 January 2015

Review | Lush Hot Toddy

Today I decided to try the Hot Toddy shower gel from the Christmas range. As soon as you open the lid you can smell the "Hot Toddy" smell. I can't even make my mind up if I like it or not. It reminds me of sweets I got when I was a kid called fireballs, a strong spicy smell and goes right up your nose. 

When I poured the shower gel on my hand, my hand looked like it was bleeding. I think this should be Halloween range, not Christmas haha.

Have you tried Hot Toddy ? What do you think of it ?

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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Steak Night | Wetherspoons

I went with my auntie to steak night at the White Lady ( Wetherspoons ) in Edinburgh. Yup I love The White Lady. 

Steak day is on Tuesdays. I always go for the rack of ribs, as I'm not keen on plain meats. If I eat meat it has to have a flavor in it. You also get chips, onion rings, coleslaw and a drink with it, which I always go for urn bru.

Have you had steak night at Wetherspoons ?

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Friday, 16 January 2015

Curry Night | Wetherspoons

Thursday is curry night at Wetherspoons. If you haven't heard of Wetherspoons its a pub in the Uk. They also serve food and have days where they have nights like Tuesday is steak night, Wednesday is chicken night, Thursday is curry night and Friday is fish night. 

I went with my parents to the White Lady in Edinburgh. A lot of Wetherspoons have names for each one. The one I go to is named after someone called the White Lady. If you google you'll see the story. There's another one I go to in Edinburgh called Alexander Graham Bell named after the man who invented the phone. 

I went for the Korma, because I don't like too spice.You get Korma chicken, rice, nan bread and papadoms.

Have you had curry at Wetherspoons? 

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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Review | Lush Luxury Pud

When you have have a selection of lush bath bombs to use, it's abit of a decision which one to use. In the end today I choose the luxury lush Pud.   

It's a pink ball with different colours on the outside. I love this one, as it has a fruity smell. Once you drop it in the water the pink ball starts to fizz and all the colored circles on the outside start to fizz out and look like rainbow colours. 

After spitting out rainbow colours, the pink carried on spraying out. At end end your left with a pink colour. The rainbow colours looked nicer, shame there wasn't more mixed colours in it. It was still a nice pink colour though.

Have you tried the luxury lush Pud ? 
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