Friday, 25 December 2015


Merry Christmas 

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Thursday, 24 December 2015

B&Q Christmas Decorations Sale

18 pack gold balls : £2.50
3 pack pink star decorations : £2
3 pack gold decorations : £2
Red ball : 50p
Gray knitted jumper : 50p
Gray knitted hat : 50p
All I want for Christmas is you decoration : £1.50
Glitter and gold effect bauble : 50p
2 pack pink reindeer £1.50
2 pack silver reindeer : £1.50
Shines silver effect bauble : 50p
Shines gold effect bauble : 50p

Real Christmas tree £1

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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Pizza Express Christmas Dinner

Traditional Christmas dinner is a thing of the past now, as a lot of restaurants are now bringing in traditional Christmas dinner and mixing it with their menu. The other day my friend checked in on Facebook at Pizza Express and wrote Christmas dinner, I was like "what Pizza Express do Christmas dinners?" I've always wanted to try Pizza Express, but have never been so when my dad finished work I was like hey let's go to Pizza Express for Christmas dinner. 

I read the Pizza Express Christmas menu online before going and didn't think it was well explained. It said 2 course meal starter and pizza for £14.95 or add a Prosecco for £17.95. I assumed the Christmas menu was set 2 course and you couldn't just go have a pizza, but they have the Christmas pizzas on the normal menu for about £12.50. I really wanted to try the snowball doughballs dessert, so I'd have been happy with just a pizza and dessert. I looked at the dessert prices on their own each dessert was around £5.50, so if you want just the pizza and dessert, you're better of getting the 2 course meal and get the dessert for £3.

Everyone who knows me knows how much I love Irn bru, so imagine when I asked for Irn bru and they said they have ran out but have the diet Irn bru. I have tried diet Irn bru, but some how find it has a bad taste. I ended up choosing Fanta. 

Starter I choose
Pork and pancetta croquettes, served with apple and cider sauce.

Sprout and pancetta romana, with chestnut mushrooms, red onions, pine kernels, mozzarella, fresh parsley and a free range egg.

Polenta chips 

Snowball doughballs, a sprinkle of cinnamon, icing sugar and a vanilla cream. 

I loved Pizza Express Christmas dinner, it was a nice change although we did wait over an hour from getting our starter to getting our pizza.  When the pizza finally came, they did offer us the desserts for free. Am not sure if it was because it was busy with Christmas or we got forgotten. They had no Irn bru except diet which doesn't taste the same, so I had to take fanta. Also they didn't have any Apple and cider sauce for my starter, so had honey and mustard to why the photo may look different to how it's advertised. 

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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Wetherspoon Christmas Dinner 2015

Places seem to be bringing out their Christmas dinners earlier this year, I could have sworn last year and other years didn't start until last least the first or second week in December. I saw advertised Wetherspoons started doing their Christmas dinner from the 16th of November, so I headed along with my mum. 

The Christmas menu is £7.99 for a main meal and drink. There is also starter and desserts for around an extra £2 each. We went for the starter, main meal and dessert because it's not a Christmas meal without your starter or dessert is it ? 

I had in my mind the British broccoli & Stilton soup for started because I had it last year and it tasted amazing. My honest opinion if your Wetherspoon has the cheese and broccoli soup, go for that it's the best !!!! I had the tomato and basil soup, it was ok but not as good as the cheese and broccoli soup. 

When the main meal arrived I thought something doesn't look right? So I looked back last years blog post and tried matching up the photos. I realised there was no sprouts, stuffing or cranberry sauce, yet I had about half a plate of peas. My mum mentioned to one of the workers where's the sprouts and the worker replied sorry they aren't getting the right delivery in yet. I don't eat sprouts all year round, but have them at Christmas to why I couldn't figure what was missing. There's plenty supermarkets near the Wetherspoon, someone could have easily sneaked out and got some sprouts lol. 

Dessert time I choose the caramel cheesecake. The caramel tastes so good, I ended up eating the caramel first then the cheesecake section.

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