Sunday, 21 December 2014

Soap and Glory Eyes Box

I picked up the Soap and Glory eyes box last year in the Boxing Day sales and every year I've noticed most things in the christmas section make a return the next year, so I planned showing you this in time for Christmas this year since its a gift set only available at Christmas. Sadly I searched and doesn't seem to have come back, typical in my thinking. 

The eyes box has everything you need for your eyes, eyeliner , mascara and eyeshadows.

I've never tried the Soap and Glory mascara so it was good to get it in the gift set to try. It's called thick and fast. The first layer I put on I loved how it looked, but didn't look thick. It took me about 2-3 layers before it looked thick. The good thing about this mascara is there's no clumping all your lashes stay separate. I love the mascara how it looked after one layer, but certainly took me 2-3 layers to go for the thick look.

There's six shades of eyeshadows from the lid stuff in the colours, vanilla, wild blue, smokin, minky, dandy plum, black gold. I think it's a good mix of bright blue to natural colours. I personally like the minky one, it's a nice gold looks Christmassy to go with the time of year.

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