Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Review | Soap and Glory heel genius

We use our feet more around this time of year whether you're doing Christmas shopping or getting ready for Christmas and with the colder weather our feet get drier. 

Sometimes it's trying to get the time to treat your feet and so on, but with soap and glory heel genius you just spread it round your feet and put your socks on, no waiting to dry or all that nonsense. 

Am not sure why it says heel genius, as it's an all over foot cream, but I guess as our heel of our feet dry up worse? 

The packaging is the usual Soap and Glory and stands out the words "heel genius". 

As soon as you open the top you're met with the light scented smell. It's that smell you could have your eyes shut and go "oh that's Soap and Glory". 

It squirts out a light blue colour which actually looks like tooth paste. I squeeze it straight on to my foot. The only down side of treating your feet this time of year, it's so cold this time of year you just want to be warm and it's very cold on your feet. I just spread it around my feel using my hands and put my socks back on right away. It doesn't make your socks stick to you which is good. 

It only takes about a minute to do and you do it before bed, so it soaks into your skin during the night. 

Now you have nice smelling feel :-)

Have you tried Soap and Glory heel genius ?


  1. Sounds good. I've never tried anything like this before. I once tried a foot pumice but that's about it! I tend to neglect my little feet! :-)

    1. Me too after work I tend to fall asleep most of the time ha


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