Monday, 1 December 2014

Review | Dr Jackson's face and eye essence

Ever since I tried Dr Jackson's coconut melt, I've been wanting to try something else from Dr Jackson. I've been using the coconut melt over my face and it's amazing how better your skin is after using Dr Jackson. I ended up choosing Dr Jackson face and eye essence.

Dr Jackson products are natural and organic. It states formulated using natural extracts of Aloe Barbadensis, Kigelia, Rose Water, Baobab and Roman Chamomile, so I guess as long as your not allergic to any of that then your all good.

The Agua bathhouse and spa at the Mondrain hotel in London uses Dr Jackson. I was invited to the spa launch which was lovely of them to invite me, but I couldn't go. So if you ever stay at the Mondrain hotel in London don't forget to check out the spa, am sure you'll love being pampered with Dr Jackson skincare products.

The packaging is nice and basic its packaged in a cardboard box which says "Dr Jackson face and eye essence with the number 5". Inside is the clear glass jar also with the writing of the product and a small  white spoon.

When I first opened the tub the first thing that came to my mind was a strong lemon smell, but I don't think there's lemon in it ? Am so bad at describing smells.

It's like a gel formula, but what I love about this is some moisturisers can be so cold on your face when you first apply, its like the few seconds of shock lol. There's no cold feeling in this which is good especially now it's winter.

I use the spoon to get a small amount and dab bits over my face, then use my hands to spread it over.
After a few minutes my face started to have a strange feeling around my forehead area. It says it tightens around the eye area, so I guess it's working.

I've only been using this nearly a week now and feels like it's working, but I've been using the Dr Jackson coconut melt as a moisturiser for over a month now and I've noticed the difference.

It's only available at limited places just now. I bought mine at Harvey Nichols in Edinburgh.

I rarely take pictures without makeup, but this is a rare photo of myself before I started using Dr Jackson.

These photos were taken just a few days ago with no makeup, after using Dr Jackson for over a month now. I think my skin looks so much better than it was.

I think its got to be one of the best beauty products invented, yet I only just heard of Dr Jackson when read Mary-Kate Olsen's top beauty products. If Mary-Kate uses the product you know it's money well spent lol. It was also voted top ten winter face creams in the telegraph news paper.

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  1. I've never heard of this brand before! Only been to Harvey Nics twice - to buy nail polish lol! Sounds like it's good :-)

    1. neither had I until i read Mary-Kate Olsen uses it, so had to try it.


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