Sunday, 28 December 2014

Maybelline | Baby Lips Hydrate

I rarely enter competitions but while looking through Instagram I saw beauty at tesco posted a pic with the question : who is your beauty / style icon. Beauty at tesco were running a giveaway 12 day of Christmas giving away 12 prizes everyday till Christmas. I've always loved Mary-Kate Olsen's style and when I read what beauty products she uses I have to go and buy them. So I commented Mary-Kate Olsen, not even thinking about the the baby lips. I have every baby lips kind, but the hydrate. So it was a nice surprise to get a notification saying I won one of them. I just had to email my name and address and was good it just came through my letter box, so I didn't need to be in. 

The letter says : 


Thank you so much for entering our #beautymas competition on Instagram. We hope you enjoy your prize and do keep following us @beautyattesco. 

Thanks again and have a wonderful festive season, The Beauty At Tesco Team 

The baby lips hydrate is good for when you have dry lips, it's clear and scentless. I once used the Maybelline Baby Lips Strike A Rose which is a pink colour, while I had dry lips and it makes your lips look ten times worse. 

Also I just thought I'd mention exactly one year today I done my first blog post at about Krispy Kreme donuts because I didn't know where to start. I started of doing makeup posts what lip sticks looked like on etc. I think I was actually lost what I was talking about back then. It's crazy to believe in that one year I've had a few invites to London events, but because I live in Scotland and worked those days it made it hard to go. 
One invite was to the Mondrian Hotel in London spa opening. It was on a Thursday night. I was off work that day and looked at planes Edinburgh to London. The last plane back to Edinburgh was at 10pm, but the event didn't finish untill late and had work the next day.

Also thanks to everyone who been reading my blog, it means a lot :-)

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  1. This one sounds great, I had the red and pink ones which I hated x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

    1. Think the pink one is only good on lips before they go dry. My lips went so dry and I put the strike a rose on and had to wipe it off as it looked worse my lips.


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