Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Festive Glitter Nails

I've seen many bloggers post pictures of fancy designs like little Santas and snowmen on their nails, sadly am not that creative :-(. I'm no makeup artist or nail technician. So I've went for the more traditional glitter and green christmas colours. 

I've been using Essie nail varnishes for about year now. They are more expensive than most nail varnish at £8, but boots have them on offer sometimes at 3 for 2, so I good time go stock up. Essie is slightly cheaper in America at $8.  They do last longer than cheaper nail varnishes I've tried though. So depends if you like to change your nail varnish colours a lot or want a long lasting nail varnish. 

I love Essie mint Apple candy. It's a Christmassy green, not quite Christmas tree etc colour, but I'm really fussy about greens when it comes to makeup. I thought the colour, As gold Aas It Gets looks quite Christmassy aswell with the gold glitter, it looks abit like gold tinsel.

I used the colour mint Apple candy on every second nail, then applied the colour  As Gold As It Gets on every other nail.

What's your favourite Christmas nail varnishes ?

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  1. That colour combination is gorgeous!


  2. I like the color combination and the green one really much
    I personally like to use glitter nail polishes as topcoats ( that way it looks a bit better).




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