Thursday, 11 December 2014

Festive Christmas

I haven't really been feeling christmas - y for years. A lot of adults I know seem excited for Christmas, yet my family Christmas is all about the kids. So I'd like to hope I have kids one day and spend loads on them, to get the Christmas spirit back in me. 

For anyone that knows me this is my first Christmas in my first home. Before I bought my house I bought little bits and bobs when things went cheap that would be useful for my house. I did buy an artificial Christmas tree last year when it went cheap. I wanted to make an effort this Christmas since it's my first Christians here.

When I lived at my parents we had the same artificial one every year at 5 feet, as I soon got taller than it. We only ever had one real Christmas tree, but even then it was small. I don't think I've decorated since I was about 15-16 years old.

I went along to B and Q (Ny nearest is Edinburgh) yesterday as I saw online all single tree decorations reduced to £1 and would help start of my decoration collection . 

At the front door there was a few real trees on display. I walked in and everywhere I turned people had real trees in their trolley. I thought I wonder where they are. I walked to the garden section and looked outside and there was hundreds.

Front that point I thought I need a real Christmas tree to make it special for my first year. 

The B and Q staff are good, as its wrapped up. They offer to open it so you can see, then package it again.

Fitting it in the car

This is the tree opened up, but I'm waiting on the lights coming, then I'll do a post showing my room decorated. 

Do you get a real or artificial tree ? 

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