Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas Cupcakes

It seems like am baking a lot lately, but I've been wanting to try the swirly easy icing for so long. I figured christmas cupcakes will be the perfect excuse to try the icing out. It feels weird doing all this baking, as I haven't done much since school. I guess I must have been ok at it since home economics was my highest marks I got at school. 

The cupcake ingredients I used : 
Caster sugar
Self raising flour
madagascan vanilla flavouring

The icing used was DR Oetker easy swirl icing in vanilla flavour and pretty pink. I decorated it using Christmas cake decorations to make it look Christmassy. Has anyone else been making cupcakes?

Well it's crazy to believe today is Christmas Eve, meaning tomorrow is Christmas Day. I've been buying a few things online, as most shops sales start on Christmas Eve online and Boxing Day in store. 

Hope you have a good Christmas :-)

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  1. Replies
    1. Aw thanks. Though some the icing went wonky. I think I got better on each one.

  2. These cakes are so beautiful, I dreamed about such ones for Christmas because it is something special, with the spirit of the holiday. Follow the link if you need more such recipes.


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