Monday, 8 December 2014

Barry M dazzle dust

Back when I was a kid I loved wearing glitter to every party. I loved glitter spray for your hair. Glitter is something you can either look great with or look ridiculously silly, you just have to watch how you wear it. 

Now it's Christmas time it's the time where everything is glittery, so you can get away with wearing glitter more.

Barry M have had dazzle dust out for some years now. Now is the best to be to trying out the glitter with Christmas parties and such around this time of year. Also boots have them 3 for 2 just now, so if you get 3 you feel like your getting more makeup for your money. They are £4.59 each.

The Barry M dazzle dust come in single little tubs, it's like little lots of joys lol. I picked black number (66), electric blue number (22) and pink number (7) It says it can be used as eye shadow, on cheeks or lips. Personally I'd only use the black and blue as eye shadow. 

The blue has a really nice sparkle though it. The black colour is harder to see the glitter on the swatch I did you have to really move to see the glitter. The pink one would look nice as a body glitter. When I dipped my finger on the tub and tried on my hands the glitter would stick all over my hands, so no worrying about how will the glitter stick. 

Now you have no excuse for looking for the perfect body glitter this Christmas - Barry M is all you need.


  1. Electric blues is amazing. It's so vibrant. Body glitter is back. Woohoo! :] // ▲ ▲

    1. Oh I know remember the days where glitter was the must have.

  2. I used to have loads of these years ago! Love the shimmery pink colour. xx Rebecca - UK fashion blog

  3. Glitter and Christmas seem to go well together! I like the pinky one - looks good:-)

  4. You can't beat a good dazzle dust! I really need to start using mine more.

    Katie xx



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