Saturday, 13 December 2014

All things Christmas


This year is my first Christmas in my first home, I haven't decorated since I was about 16 years old. So ended up getting a real Christmas tree this year to make it a little different this year. 

I don't have many decorations, as I didn't want to just buy christmas baubles just to fill the tree fill the tree for the sake of it. A lot of shops have Christmas decorations reduced early this year, so when they are reduced its good time to buy them. 

I went along to B and Q the other day, as their website said Christmas decorations were reduced and ended up coming home with a real tree aswell. There was so many different kinds and sizes. I choose the medium Norway spruce which was £20. I actually love the smell of the real tree smells so nice and christmassy. I have only ever had a real tree once before.

I used purple and silver tinsel I picked up from Tesco, but you can buy tinsel pretty much anywhere.

The angel I bought last year after Christmas while buying little things for my house.

The letter "D"  I picked up at Marks and Spencer. I thought was pretty cool I had to buy since it's my initials. There was every letter in alphabetical order, so easy to find. I know how annoying sometimes you see name stuff and can't find your name.

The little pink bambi or whatever animal it is they look so pretty with the pink glitter. I picked them up from Tesco. The purple shoe was also from Tesco.

I loved the little gold and white glitter  reindeers they look so cute, which I picked up from B and Q. I also got the gold baubles and the white tinsel tree is also from B and Q I thought the White looked nice and Christmassy with the snowy look and was only £9.

I spotted the star lights at Tesco and thought they'd be perfect to go along the wall of my New York wall mural, make it look like a starry night in New York.

The candles I picked up from homesense. One is called "White Christmas in New York" I think you all know why I picked that since I love New York. I was there last winter, so its nice to find a candle called white christmas in New York. The lid says fragrance of pine, fir and crimson berries and a picture of the famous New York tree by the rocker feller center. I think the candle would have looked nicer of picture of it on the candle jar.The other candle is called warm apple pie.  The little snowflakes on the table are actually tree decorations from B and Q, but you had to put the string on them. I thought it would be nicer to just lay over the table.

I also done a video of my festive living room. I hope you'll head over and watch. It would make me happy if you subscribe to my youtube while you are there too.

Have you decorated your house yet for Christmas ?

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  1. Your tree looks great! I like purple heel - looks cool :-D

    Good video, looks amazing. We don't have any decorations up - my cats would just wreck the place! I've got a tiny tree up in my study about 15 cms high. One of the 'grow your own' ones from Home Bargains!

    1. I thought I was the only one who didn't really decorate, thought since it's my first Christmas in the house I'll get a real tree.

  2. The ornaments are so gorgeous! Love the tree :) I hope you keep decorating it every year from now on! xx

    Mary Bloomy

  3. That first sign is so cute and I really like your festive tree. Great post.



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