Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Top 5 | Barry M lipsticks

Above are my top 5 Barry M lipsticks

145 punk pink
162 cranberry red
150 pink suede
113 sheer pink
54 peach

I've always been impressed with Barry M lipsticks. They are cheap affordable and long lasting for a drugstore lipstick.

The packaging looks more highend, it's either plain black or pink depends which colour you choose. I think the black ones are the new shades. The black ones remind me of Mac plain black with the number on the bottom, except the Mac lipsticks are more rounded. The only downside I don't like it doesn't have the names on the bottom, just numbers. 

The pink suede is a really nice nude colour if your not wanting a really bright lipstick. The peach is between an orange and nude, it's far from bright orange. Am also loving the cranberry red. They do so many really nice pink shades aswell I wish they could all fit in my top 5, sadly not.

The are £4.59, which is really good value. They also go 3 for 2 a lot at all drugstores I've seen, so if you buy 3 when its on offer its only about £3.30 ish a lipstick.

What's your favourite Barry M lipstick shades ?

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