Thursday, 13 November 2014

Review | Victoria's Secret shampoo

Have you ever bought something abroad and been too scared to use it, as you love it so much and don't know when you'll be able to buy it again?  I'm so bad at that, buy loads of stuff in America that I can't get back home. I always bring back Victoria's Secret so sexy shampoo there's just something about the smell. 

I thought it's time I used my Victoria's Secret shampoo again. 

I love the packaging pink with writing saying "SO SEXY" I'm sure that's what draws everyone to it haha 

It promises 

* Gentle cleansing while removing product build up

* Naturally conditions with silk amino acids and chamomile extracts 

* Silkens and nourishes with hibiscus extract 

* Creates healthy shiny, easy to manage hair with our shine intensifer complex 

* Light fresh fragrance 

The thing that gets me is the smell, yet I'm no good at describing and just says light fresh fragrance. 

So the result after using Victoria secret shampoo :

I actually quite like it, looks like my hair has been styled, I think the shampoo will be good for a night out.

I did go on Victoria's Secret website the other day looking at products and realise they no longer have the so sexy shampoo, there's one called Victoria's Secret shampoo. I remember last time I went in Victoria's Secret I was looking for the so sexy eyeliner, but the worker said they changed the name to Victoria's Secret. So am not sure if they've just changed the name and bottle design ? I must admit I prefer the name so sexy lol 

What do you think of Victoria's Secret shampoo ? 

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